Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The First Day: LA, Santa Barbara, Cambria

We're back. It was fabulous. It was refreshing. It was beautiful.
I hate that it is over.

And yes, I'm blogging already because I took 500 pictures and if I don't start doing something with them, I'll get hopelessly behind. And being behind makes me anxious.
I'd like to hang onto that refreshed feeling a while longer.

So here goes.
The First Day
Our plan to wake up very, very, early and miss the LA traffic flopped when we all woke up at 7.
Oh well. It made it all the sweeter when we finally got here.
I felt my shoulders relax as soon as I saw water, sun and wide open spaces.
We stopped in Santa Barbara for breakfast.
Aaron thinks vintage restaurant chains are OK. Just not new ones. And you know what, Sambo's pancakes were fantastic.
Were you fascinated by those tiny tubs of jam when you were a kid?
We burnt off some energy with a boardwalk bike ride before we get back in the car.
The pier in Santa Barbara has no railing at the end. Just a straight shot down to the water.
The boys loved it.
And this is why we have only 2 family pictures from our whole trip. Do people even look through the lens when they take a picture? Just wondering.
The drive north from Santa Barbara is one of my most favorites in the world. Aaron and I took it together for the first time on our honeymoon, 11 years ago. We've done it 3 times since and the beauty never ceases to amaze me.
It is even better when all 3 kids are asleep!

Finally, we pulled up to our cabin in the pines.
"We're staying in a lincoln log cabin!" Jams shouted.

Yep. This cabin is over a 100 years old, was taken from the Hearst estate, and is a 600 square foot, 1 bedroom. It was perfect. Even for all 5 of us.

Mere moments after our arrival, William jumped off the bed, slammed his head into a glass table and and got a huge, purple bump right next to his eye. Ahh, vacationing with kids is so relaxing.
So Aaron unpacked the car, while I held an ice pack to William's head.

Then we headed into the forest.
At the end of the road, a few steps away from our house, were woods. It was quiet and calm.
(except for James and William yelling with glee as they raced ahead of us.)
It was a wonderful way to start.
At the other end of the road, down a long, steep, hill, was the ocean.
It was getting foggy and cold by the time we got there, but still so beautiful.
We made a fire when we got back to our cabin and went to bed early.
Yes, it was a nice way to start.

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