Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Nature Walk at Shipley Nature Center

Our home school group met at the Shipley Nature Center in Huntington Beach. First stop, the Native American brush shelter. On their own accord, all the kids filed right in, sat down on the tree stump stools, and many of them proceeded to tell each other what they were doing in there.

Miss Danielle, our leader of songs, rhymes and good stories, quickly stepped in and led the kids on a bear hunt. At the end of the song, William got to shoot the coyote and keep everyone safe.

Along the trails, there were lots of artifacts for us to look at. The boys were especially captivated with this bow and arrow. They spent the rest of the hike on the lookout for the perfect arrow and bow shaped stick.

They also admired the fish cooking over the camp fire. "Let's do that some time, Mommy."

Along the way, we came to a spot full of tree stumps, set up for hikers to sit and watch the butterflies.
Or jump from stump to stump.

There was quite a traffic jam.

After the hike, we visited the interpretive center. William liked the furs.

The girls liked the birds.

Everyone liked the puppet theater.

I liked the eggs.

Back outside, we ate lunch in the park, played tag, some drew in nature notebooks and some made their own Native American brush dwelling.

Another fine day of home schooling. I like what we're doing, and I think they do too.

If you want to know more about why and how I home school, go here and here.

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jennifer said...

that looks like a very good time. perhaps we shall join your group someday soon.