Monday, October 5, 2009

Making Campfires

Every night when the sun set over the ocean, it cooled down fast. Sometimes, we could actually see the sunset from the top of our hill, the light hitting the waters, and shining on all the pines. Other times everything was shrouded in that famous Central Coast fog and we couldn't see a thing. No matter what though, it was cold and we wanted a fire.

William especially wanted a fire. Every night he'd ask Aaron, "daddy, can we build a campfire?"

So the boys would gather twigs and pine cones from the front yard, and Aaron would show then how to lay the fire in the little wood stove inside the cabin.

William would help stuff in some paper,twigs and his favorite, the pine cones. Then Aaron would light it, blow and soon, crackle, snap, we had a fire.

We'd turn out all the lights and sit there, close to each other, watching the flames, feeling the warmth and enjoying the moment.

I can remember doing the exact same thing with my dad, I loved watching him build a fire. Our main source of heat growing up was our fireplace and we used it everyday. If my dad wasn't home in the morning, sometimes I would make the morning fire. Try as I might, I could never make a fire as good as my dad. I used a lot more paper than he did. Often times, late at night, we'd turn off the lights and just watch the fire. Sometimes we'd all be there, sometimes just Mom and Dad and I. It was nice to be there in the warm darkness. I miss having a fireplace.

William doesn't still still a whole lot. Even when he is cuddling with you, he wants you to rub his back, tickle him or it just turns into wrestling. But he loved to sit there, next to his Daddy, watching the "campfire".
It was very sweet.
After all, he is our Sweet William.

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