Monday, October 5, 2009

Day Seven: My Day Off

Here I go!
I promise that my plan was not to secure a day off for myself when I offered Aaron the idea of a day to himself. But I surely wasn't going to turn it down when he suggested I do the same.
So after I slept in until 10:30 (can you believe it!) I headed off on my own adventure.

First stop, Cayucos and the Brown Butter Cookie Company. Because is there anything better than coffee and cookies for breakfast? If they are cookies from Brown Butter Cookie Company, I can assure you, there's not. (read more about them here)

As I drove, I stopped whenever I wanted to take pictures. This is along Highway 1 between San Luis Obispo and Morro Bay. It is one of my favorite stretches of highway, even though it is not next to the ocean. The huge, golden, rolling hills, the rock outcroppings, cows, dirt roads and open space. I feel my heart expanding in my chest every time I see it. I can see why California was called the golden state.

I wandered the streets of SLO, window shopping and eating Belgium frites for lunch. It was wonderfully relaxing.
Sometimes I feel like I am always rushing. Even when I get away and have a chance to slow down, I want to do so much on my time off that I am still rushing to squeeze it all in. I have a lot of go, go, go in me. There are times when I really need to fight that.

So I didn't get to all the things on my agenda. That sleeping in took up a chunk of time, but it was OK. I lingered. I strolled. I browsed. I sat on the beach for a while with my coffee and cookies. I read a magazine while I ate my frites.

I got a hair cut.

It was a nice day. Thanks, babe.


Lillian said...

What a great travelogue. I want to take the same trip......thru your eyes.

PS. That is such a nice picture of you gazeing at something beautiful I am sure.

Erin McDonald said...

I am so glad you hada a nice day for just you! Aaron is sooo great! and your new dew is lovely! I miss you! five more months! love you!