Monday, September 21, 2009

Science Experiment

James loves science. I found this book about magnets and I knew he would love it. It is actually a California state text book from 1962. He had me read it from cover to cover. As soon as we were done reading, he was already planning the experiments we would do.
(find out where I got this cool book here)
He told Daddy what supplies they would need and then the 3 boys hit the hardware store. This was the first experiment.
They were going to build an electromagnet.

The great thing about home schooling, is that everyone can be in on the action.
Lilly was in charge of the wire.
William was in charge of the pliers.
James told Daddy what to do. They wrapped the wire around the nail 25 times, attached it to the battery, and....
does it work? Yes!
The boys began to experiment themselves, seeing how much their electromagnet could pick up.
The boys were so excited as they experienced a real science experiment. They are 3 and 5 and they just learned about electricity creating a magnetic pull. It didn't need to be dumbed down for them--their little minds are ready, and waiting to learn.

"The education has to be self-education. The child's mind is as good as the adult's mind. Our task is to provide nourishment. We neither undervalue the child nor the knowledge. We provide a personal relationship, the source material, and the framework for this growth. He does his own learning, living, responding."
Susan Schaeffer Macaulay

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