Thursday, August 6, 2009


Can you smell trouble? Guess who taught her this cute little trick? Yes, that's right, big brother William. I can only imagine the trouble those 2 are going to make in the next 18 years. I will be busy.
We've never had a coffee table before, so I've never had to worry about kids on the coffee table. I'm hoping the novelty will wear off soon. You know, that she'll find another dangerous stunt to keep her busy and me worried. Oh Lils, how I do love you. And how you do keep me on my toes.


Erin McDonald said...

Well DUHHH it's the perfect stage!! and it's at a perfect hight for her to get to! And well at least it's not the Fridge yet??? Remember caralie?? oh what you have to look forward to! I love you! have fun wrangling those cute little kidos!

Lillian said...

Look out...the dinning room table may be next....if she is as much her mother as her granny thinks she is.
I love it!