Monday, August 3, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me

I'm 33 today.
James was making this card for me when I walked into the dining room this morning. He told me what to write in it.
What to do on my birthday with 3 kids in tow? (One of whom is cranky, hot and teethy?) Hit my favorite beach, of course, for tide pooling and rock climbing.
And since it's my birthday, let's eat breakfast on the beach. Pancakes and bacon. But we have to eat fast before Lilly starts screaming. Even the pounding surf doesn't drown it out.
We'll end the day with cupcakes from Sprinkles. Chocolate. Vanilla. Lemon. Lemon is the best.
It wasn't the most relaxing birthday. But I have 3 kids. Do I ever relax? Not really.
Aaron gave me a gift certificate for Blue Windows, one of my very favoritest of stores, and I am finding it very relaxing to imagine all the different things I could purchase with said certificate.

Right now, however, there are dishes to do, a pile of laundry, a bathroom in desperate need of a cleaning, and floors that were swept yesterday and yet are somehow dirty again today. But it is my birthday and so I am going to bed. (I used the same excuse to ditch it all today and go to the beach. Can it be my birthday all week?)
I know a certain someone will be waking me up soon. Her teeth have no respect for my birthday.

I promise to be back in the swing of things, blog wise at least, tomorrow. See you then.


Through My Eyes said...

Happy Birthday Greta!!!!

Lillian said...

Sounds like you gave yourself a good day. Dad and I admire you...I don't think I could have handled all that by myself.

Mommy of three said...

Mom, I hardly managed myself. Hence the not very relaxing part. I guess that is what I get for having all these kids!

Erin McDonald said...

yeah you selfish little brat you! I loove that Lilly in this picture of all of you has a perfect mix of both James and Wiliam! I am glad you at least got a beautiful card and a gift certificate to a cool spot! And at lest your kids like the beach too! Remember when Summer hated the sand and wold scream bloody murder when we would make her go! count your blessing!!

Lillian said...

It is not that you relaxed's that you took a chance and were adventurous. That's the part of you that is your father. What a gift.

Christina said...

Happy belated birthday! I'd like to know where your breakfast beach spot is.... :)

Mommy of three said...

Christina, my favorite beach is Crystal Cove in Laguna Beach. The hills are undeveloped, so you look up from the beach to empty, towering cliffs, not mansions and jillions of people. There are tide pools, we've seen seals, dolphins and even whales from the beach. Three are also lovely, old beach cottages that give the beach a charm that is nearly impossible to find in so cal beaches.
I love it there.
The restaraunt is pretty good too and has an amazing view. Worth the $10 burger for sure!
I've been meaning to to a post on it for a while, but I am still backlogged from my 6 weeks of no blogging.
If you can, go visit sometime. It is one of my favorite places.