Friday, July 3, 2009


"I used to be a baby, but now I am a big boy."  
Moments later: "I'm still a baby." 

Yes, William is still struggling with his place in the world.  Or at least in our family.  It has been a big year for him.  The arrival of a new baby sister, which displaced him as baby and made him into the dreaded middle child.  Potty training, sleeping in a big boy bed, 2 moves, and a 5 week stint at Granny and Dziadzi's.  He wants awfully to keep up with his big brother, but he can't quite do it, and it makes him really mad.  He wants the attention Lilly gets for being the cute little baby.  But most of the time, he doesn't even know what he wants.  The 2s are hard.  I think they've been especially hard for William. 

But he's 3 now, and things are looking up!
We celebrated by taking a trip to the Wild Animal Park.  It was his pick.  First, we had cupcakes and presents.  Can you guess what his favorite color is?
Sometimes, all that attention can be embarrassing.  
Things are always better when the birthday song is over and Daddy helps you blow out the candles.
"I have so much air in my lungs now, cause I'm 3!"
Yeah, a new water bottle.  And it's yellow.  My favorite colla!
What's that on top of his cupcake?  3 of his favorite candies: gummybears.  Yellow, of course.
Uncle B. met us at the Wild Animal Park where William's favorite thing was playing in the water by the Lion Camp.  Oh, and the animals were nice too.  But the sprinklers?  They were the best.
But the very best part of the day--sharing an icee with his big brother.  
Happy Birthday to our sweet William.  You are the dearest, strongest, cutest, tender little tough guy I know.  I love you.

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