Friday, July 3, 2009

How Is It That We Always End up In Our Underwear?

It's no joke.  Every time friends have come to visit us lately, everyone ends up in their underwear.  OK, not everyone--we mamas keep our clothes on, but the kids, always.  
I know that underwear is the clothing of choice around here.  The first thing James does when he walks in the house is take his pants off.  I'm not kidding.  Now he's got William doing it too. And even if I make them put on pants before heading outside (no shirts please,  just pants) I often look out the window and see at least one of them in underpants. Somebody has told William about Captain Underpants so now he loves to run around in undies yelling, "I'm Captain Underpants! I'm Captain Underpants!"   

Apparently underwear is now the clothing of choice for our guests as well.  Maybe that's the word on the street. "Have you heard, over at the Eskridge's you don't have to wear your clothes!"  It usually starts because they want to play in the water, or the mud, or both.  And everyone knows, if your clothes get wet, you must take them off.  Soon, they are all riding bikes in their underwear, having snacks in underwear and even walking our guests out to the car in underwear.  I don't know what the neighbors think.  

I'm sure at some point this is all going to become inappropriate and uncomfortable.  But right now, I must admit , I am thankful it is just plain fun.  In fact, I think they are all having a blast--breaking the rules a little, being free, enjoying summer and childhood, all in their underwear.  When it's all over, I think I will miss Captain Underpants.


Shannon said...

I loved this post. I can so relate. Taylor strips down to her underwear the moment we are home.

Erin McDonald said...

I seem to remember a certain some one who did a bit of underwear time herself! Being young is a grand thing!