Saturday, July 4, 2009

Pool Party

After all the hoopla of moving into The Homestead, the being gone, the unpacking, the repacking, the adjusting to normal life again, it was time to have a birthday party for the boys.  Even though it was more than a month past their birthdays (or more) and even though we threw it together at the last minute, I couldn't let the year pass without a party.  James wanted a rocket party.  William wanted a mighty machines party.  Mommy wanted an easy party that I could throw for both boys at the same time.  What did we end up with?  A pool party!

Trouble was, it was freezing.  We had the slip and slide going, we had the pool filled up, and a few brave souls went in.
But it was cold.
Oh well.  There was food.  There were cupcakes.
There were games.
We played Red Light Green Light.
And Duck Duck Goose.
We sang Happy Birthday to James and William.
And everyone got their very own little umbrella.  Because it's never too cold for a little umbrella.
The boys had a blast.  They didn't care that they shared a party.  They didn't care that it wasn't the kind of party that they had asked for.  They didn't care that it was cold.  Their buddies were there.  They all rode bikes, and ran, and yelled and blew bubbles and were just wild.

Another year of boy birthday parties done.  They are already planning for next year.  That's right, they're my boys!

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Lillian said...

Great picture of James and the cousins running on the driveway. James is so happy he is out in front.