Friday, July 17, 2009

The Feast

There are moments with my kids that I never want to forget.  I never want to forget them because they are sweet and beautiful and dear and darling.  I also don't want to forget because they often teach me something about myself.
On this particular day, I was laying Lilly down for a nap.  She was struggling a bit, so I was singing to her and rocking her to help calm her down.  The boys were in the kitchen coloring. When I walked into the living room, the boys came running out of the kitchen. yelling. 
"Mommy, Mommy!  We have a surprise for you!  Come into the kitchen."
I did.
There on the benches sat 4 glasses of water.  On the counter sat 4 bowls of nuts and an almost empty nut jar.  
"See, Mommy.  We made you a feast."
"Do you like it?"
"We did it all by ourselves. We poured the water and we opened the nut jar and poured out the nuts.  We even made some for Lilly."
"Isn't it nice Mommy?  Now you can have a break and you don't have to make us snacks cause we know how to do it ourselves."
 "I love it!  I really do.  I can't believe you did this all by yourselves.  You are my big boys."

I really did love it.  It warmed my heart that they wanted to do something special for me.  That they had everything displayed with such pride.  I think a lot about the kind of husbands they will be someday.  I work hard to teach them how to treat their wives.  I think this is a step in the right direction.
A minute later, William pointed to a bowl on the floor and some nuts strewn under the booth.  "Mommy, are we going to get in trouble for that mess?  We spilled some and Jamers said we were going to get in trouble but I said we weren't."

It was a flashback from my childhood.  Me:  "Ben, we have to clean this up before Mom gets home.  You better help me right now."
Ben: "She's not going to be mad.  And if she is, who cares?  What's she gonna do?"
Me: clean feverishly while calling Ben every name I could think of.  Under my breath, of course.
And if I didn't clean up, my Mom probably wouldn't have been (too) mad.  (Just kidding, Mom.)

So is this the reaction they expect of me?  Do I get angry over things as insignificant as spilled nuts.  I am afraid that sometimes, yes, I do.  What a good lesson my boys taught me.  Maybe they made a mess, but they also made me a feast.  What matters most?  It is all a matter of perspective.  Sometimes I choose to view things with the wrong perspective.  I am grateful God gave me 3 little people to help me choose the right perspective every day.  


Lillian said...

Oh Greta, how wonderful. I am still working on the right perspective with the help of God. Some times I even get it right.

Erin McDonald said...

The longer I live the more I realize we all need perspective!

Susan the shoppe owner said...

I have found that through God's gift of making me a mommy I have learned more lessons in watching my children than I ever thought possible.

So often my children lack trust. So often they continually fall back into the same bad behavior despite my loving correction, pleadings and encouraging words to change. Etc. And I realize, that in my parent child relationship with Christ, I do the same things. And it helps me in my spiritual life, and it helps me to speak to them about their life.

Thanks for this post. It is good to take a step back and really look into how we worry and fuss so much more than we need to. May we both be anxious in nothing today and always and enjoy these wonderful treasures from above!