Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sick Day

What do you do when you are laying on the couch with the stomach flu, 2 of the kids are laying on the floor or you with the stomach flu and your very busy 3 year old is perfectly well and really bored?  You give him a roll of toilet paper and say "have fun."

And he did.
It bought me at least an hour.  Not very green, I know.  But totally worth it.


Shannon said...

That's so awesome! I'd use that idea, but we have a cat now, so I imagine I'd be finding shredded toilet paper for a month.

sinfullsweet said...

so sweet of you to share with others the sweetrewards of motherhood. I have four kids ages 5,4 and twins that are 2. Love life and most of all your babies.

Mommy of three said...

Holy cow, you are one busy Momma! I just checked out your profile and loved that you wrote your life is your babies! How true and how wonderful.
Thanks for stopping by.