Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Making Memories

A few weeks ago we went down to Fallbrook and spent some time with the grandparents.  Our kids are incredibly blessed in that department.  They have 4 grandparents who adore them and want to spend time with them.  Often.  I don't know of many kids who have that gift, and I try to encourage the kids to never take their grandparents for granted. I don't think they do.  Nana, Papa, Granny and Dziadzi are 4 of the most favored people in their little world.

One of the days we were down south, Dziadzi took the boys and their cousin Jack on one of their favorite outings.  They headed to the preserve, to hike the mountain and ford the stream.  Another favorite activity at the preserve is to throw sticks in the stream and watch them go through a giant tunnel (drainage pipe) and out the other side.  This time, Dziadzi decided to move beyond sticks.  So they made boats.  

My Dad is pretty creative.  He came up with a design and used some materials he had laying around the garage to build the boats.  The boys got to watch him cut wood with the power saw and use the nail gun.  Then they got to hammer in nails themselves and decorate the boats.  They loved it.  And yes, they floated.

These boats are now 2 of our favorite treasures.  They are very proud of them and want to take them places all the time to show them off.  They always get quite a reaction.  In fact, when the boys took them to the doctor's office, our doctor was so taken with them, that he spent most of the visit (it was for Lilly) talking to the boys about a boat that his dad had built him when he was a little boy.  He drew them diagrams and everything.  He got quite emotional as he talked about it, and he told them to hold onto those boats because they were really special.  He didn't know where his boat went and he wished he still had it.  

Even more than the boats themselves, I'm sure the boys will treasure the memories of the fun  they had with Dziadzi,climbing mountains, fording streams and sailing their boats down the river.  You make good memories, Dad.    


Erin McDonald said...

I love childhood memories they seem more fun and adventurous than grown up memories. I love grandparents! I never had a good relationship with mine. I don't feel like I missed out or anything because I have a fun dad and my best friend's dad was way fun too. Bike rides, and beach days! very fun!

kristen said...

Its true what Erin says. I guess thats why were so busy trying to make good memories for our boys! Thanks for posting this blog. Jack was excited to see himself on the computer.

Mommy of three said...

I'll do some more of him when I get some more pics of him. You NEED to bring them up here some time. Or at least Jack (SImon might get bored-you know Simon!) They would all have so much fun playing in the mud and riding bikes. Please?????