Thursday, November 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Erin

I know it is no longer your birthday over there across the Pacific ocean, but here, in the country of your birth, it is still Nov 13th.  So, here it is, your birthday blog.

I wanted to find a picture that represented our friendship, and would make you grin on your birthday.  So what do you think?  Pretty great, huh?  This picture of the 4 of us pretty much says it all: we knew how to have fun together.  We were practically siblings.  We had the chicken pox together, rode to school together, lived with each other, fought with each other and have never stopped being a part of one another's lives.  We have shared high highs and low lows.  We always, always laugh.  We will always be the very best of friends.

Remember: cruising around, listening to Cabbage Patch Kids tapes in our brown, portable, Fisher Price cassette players (I still know the song, do you?) how you called Aaron and I Love Boat when we were all in India and you were disgusted by us making eyes at each other, Chrissy Check, playing car and hall tag, sleeping in the tree fort,  going to see Home Alone eons after the rest of the people in the USA and laughing our heads off,  you feeding me ice chips while I was in labor with James, going to church at New Testament Baptist, roller skating in our bathing suits around the house on Clemmens ln., being in each other's weddings,and our detailed maps, made every Halloween, showing my Dad where to drive us so that we could hit every one in Fallbrook that we knew and fill up a pillowcase with candy?  Remember all our good times?
There are more to be made.  Happy Birthday, friend.  I love you.



Annie said...

Great pictures! The good old times. ;)

Mommy of three said...

Hi Annie! Speaking of the good old times, I feel old when I remember that I used to babysit you and Tommy (back then he was Tommy!) and we watched 7 Brides for 7 Brothers and other such musicals. Ahh, I am getting old.

kristen said...

Happy bday Erin! love, Kristen

Erin McDonald said...

OH MY GOOD GOLLY! That is the BEST Birthday gift from the states EVER!!! I totaly remember all that and more. One you forgot remember convinceing each other to get into the bunny cage and letting the rest lock us in to see how long we could stand it. And never forget driving in the back of the van with not only no seat belts but lawn chairs. I know every one said I fell out once but I must of hit my head hard because I still don't recall it. And what about me spilling soda down your dress right before Kelli's wedding and then running franticly through that woman's house looking for a blow dryer and finding that man in his chonies instead! And of course we can't go down memory lane with out singing buzz buzz buzz buzz buzz buzz buzz! run Cabbage Jack!! We loved our dolls and remember Ben would beat his cabbage patch,(yes BEN WUJEK had a cabbage patch doll! BELIEVE IT!) don't forget the year or so of Disciplship with me Kelli and Annie when all we wanted to do was read your love letters and talk about Aaron and all those boys we used to be in love with. We would plow through a bag of pop corn each night. The memories are countless! You are my Best friend and my life is full of grand times because of you. My life is richer because you loved me and tot me so many things. You wern't like an older sister you are my older sister! We are sisblings, we have the same heavenly father and just like Paul and Timothy we are bonded by something much stronger than flesh we are bonded by the blood of Jesus. Nothing can seperate us from His love so we will family FOREVER! I love you and miss you! Thank you for thinking of me on my Birthday! It was a great treat to remember with you! Oh and guess what???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Chicken Butt! haha
P.S. We still pray for that boy who first told us that joke! Jesus loves him too and can do great things!

Mommy of three said...

I forgot about chicken butt. Thanks. I am crying and laughing at the same time.
I talked to your mom this morning, and she and my mom are addicted to our blogs. I suggested they start thier own for us, but she wouldn't commit.
Don't you love how Brian and Ben had to keep on their tennies with their costumes--for speed in candy getting, of course.
Love you and I am glad you liked your birthday present.

Shannon said...

Wow! I remember this Halloween! I still have pictures of you in that costume at a party we went to with the youth group. I saw your comment about the boys wearing tennis shoes. So funny.

Mommy of three said...

Yeah, I was probably the only one who was wearing a costume. That happened to me several time in my youth. So embarrassing, but it made me a stronger person, right?