Friday, October 31, 2008

Papa's Hands

I am an emotional person.   I always have been.  When I saw the movie, The Fox and the Hound, I cried.  I was 5.  When my Mom read us Where the read Fern grows, I sobbed.  When I read it again a few years ago, I sobbed more. Anne of Green Gables kills me.  When Matthew dies, oh, I can hardly bear it.  I am in touch with my emotions.  I have a soft heart.  

I am sentimental.  I keep important things, and cherish them.  Like the postcard from my first best friend, Erin Gross. In her big, first grader printing, it says, "Dear Greta, You are my best old buddy."  It is one of my treasures.  When I got married, my Mom gave me the Little House cookbook.  I will probably never make anything out of it, I haven't yet, but it matters to me because of all the memories I have of the 2 of us reading those books.  I have James' and William's first shoes hanging on the Christmas tree every year.  I have kept every one of their doctor reports from their baby well-checks to present.  (Not the sick ones cause those are boring and there are way too many of them)  I find meaning and significance in all sorts of different things.

All this is to say how much I love this picture.  Aaron's Dad, Papa, was holding Lilly the other night and I snapped a few photos of the 2 of them.  This is my favorite.  Each time I look at it I want to cry.  I think about Papa's hands holding Aaron when he was a little baby in just the same way he is now holding Lilly.   And then I think about the way Aaron will someday hold his grandchild.  Even though grandparents holding grandkids is an everyday, commonplace, nothing out of the ordinary experience, I am still in awe of it.  It is like, for a moment, you get a glimpse of your parents when they held you, and you can imagine the joy and wonder they felt, because you are feeling the same things about your baby. There is nothing insignificant about the time my kids spend with their grandparents.  Every kiss, every hug, every story read is creating a lifetime of sweet, sweet memories.  I think grandparents are treasures.


hereamiphilippines said...

If I wern't at Burger King I would be sobbing too! I never really had a grandma or grandpa that loved me like our kids have now. Mine just complain that I don't work hard enough or that I am a spoiled brat and I know God gives us just what we need but it make me sad to think that I never had those memories and yes now even in BK I am crying and wish the guys justin is signing to could not see me tearing up. I can't wait to have kids, and see my parents and Justin's loving on them and playing with them and all that! so Praise the Lord for Papa's and Gagi's and Bopshe's and granny's because they make kids smile. Oh so when I married this great guy I did get a most wonderful Granny and for a few months before we got married I had a sweet Papa who I loved and they love me too!

Mommy of three said...

I love you Erin. Sorry I always make you cry. Apparently it is my gift. Who is Justin signing to? And why are you doing it at BK? Hmm, french fries sound good right now.

Erin McDonald said...

I forgot to tell you that I am glad that you are able to make me cry sometimes. I don't cry really ever and so it feels good sometimes especialy if it is a good cry. I did cry the other day but that was because Justin took me to a scarry movie and it really scared me. As for who Justin is signing to It was a old filpino who was in the us navy and was in a plane crash in a war and became deaf. he and his friend were sittin next to us. and yes french fries always sound good to me against rice! Ok so I made my own Blog so check me out! well not really check me out but my blog I mean yeah check out my blog! I love you too!