Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Small Victories

The other night, all 3 of the kids were in bed at 8:30. Of course, you say, where else would they be at 8:30? Ha! That is what I used to say before I crossed the border into the Land Of 3 Children. Yes, it is a beautiful country, but sometimes it is harsh and fraught with peril. One of the most perilous parts of this country is Bedtime. Well, at least at our house.
It was Saturday night, and I decided to make a yummy dinner for Aaron and I, which we'd eat after the kids were asleep. The funny thing is that most times we decide to do this, is the night that our kids won't go to bed. And, we've usually picked up food from Open Sesame, which is getting cold, and rented a movie, which we don't even end up watching because we're too tired and cranky by the time the kids fall asleep. However, we parents are eternal optimists and we decided to give it a go.
Lilly went down first. At 7 pm she was out like a light. Yes, she'd be up at 5, but who cares? The boys, were fed, bathed and reading stories in their room by 7:30 and I thought, "it just might happen!" Wonder of wonders, at 8:30, I lit some candles, Aaron put on some Chet Baker and we sat down and talked to each other more than we had for the whole week. We ate dinner without telling any one to try "just one bite", without getting up for more bread, milk, olive oil, another fork, a napkin or answering the question, "no, you may not have crackers for dinner." It was a glorious meal.
This has happened exactly 1 other time since Lilly was born. True, it is usually Lilly that is the one who is awake, and she is not really causing problems, but still it is nice to be really alone, and kid free for a couple hours, while we are not sleeping or paying for a babysitter. It is the small victories that keep us moving forward with smiles on our tired faces.

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