Wednesday, September 24, 2008


James and William had an argument today because James said I love you to William, and William did not say it back.
It went like this:
James, "I love you, William."
William, "silence."
James, "William, I said I love you."
William, "silence."
James, voice now raised," William, I said I love you! Now you have to say it back to me!"
William, "silence."
James, "William! You! Have! To! Say! I! Love! You!."
William, "OK Bubba."

Yesterday they got into an argument about orca whales and Shamu.
It went like this:
James, "William, look at that orca whale jumping out of the water."
William, "No, Bubba, that is not orca whale. That is Shamu."
James, "William, not every orca whale is named Shamu."
William, "Yes, Bubba. It! Is! Shamu!!!"
At this point wrestling ensued.

Several days ago William made his first poop on the potty chair. He immediately called James over to look at the poop. James, who had also just pooped, went over to inspect. He began an argument over who had the biggest poop.
I'll spare you the details.

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Justin and Erin McDonald said...

OH man it has already started for you! I love that James is the factual one and William is the laid back truble maker! He is after my own heart. It might be good that they fight now and get it all out so when they are older they will better bonded. Brian and I were best buds at that age but as we got older we started fighting and that hindered our relationship as adults. We didn't start being frinds until after Samantha was out of the picture. Crazy huh? So let them fight over poop because, well at least it's just poop!
For the I love you thing man William is tuff! He just wants to make James mad doesn't he? All I can say is have fun now while he is little because it will get WORSE! start, if you haven't already praying for God to be presistently knocking on his heart the sooner he has him in his heart the easer it will be for the Spirit to mold and shape that little guy. He is already digging ruts in his heart that will hard to get out of later. But saying that, I know that he is ever so sweet most of the time and that with out that strong will he would not be the funny and strong William we all get such a kick out of! I love you guys and I pray for you all the time. I am also glad that we are finialy talking again. It's about time! Tell Aaron hi for us. Have a great day feeding, chaseing, spanking, teaching, cleaning, and all the other ings! You do have the most important job taking care of your family!
Love you! erin:)