Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Beach Days

After hours on the beach, I pile all the gear into and on top of the car, rinse off shivery bodies, pull out the dregs of the snacks from the bottom of the bag because everyone is STARVING, soothe the cranky and teary meltdowns , and try to hold it all together myself, not lose my patience, and end up saying things like, "if you don't stop crying, we are NEVER going to the beach again!"
And then we get home and it's quick! make dinner, get them bathed, and into bed because they are so wiped out.
It is always kind of frantic and crazy, and everyone is on the verge of hysteria.
Beach days end hard.

But those long, long, hours at the beach are worth all that.
Every. single. time. they are worth it.
Today William, Davy, and I spent an hour kneeling in the shallow water hunting for tiny, darting, fish that hide in the sand until our hands stirred them up.
William caught one with his quick little hands.
He was so proud.
What fun we had, spying on that quiet world under water.
Today the boys built a city of sand with their buddies.
They were building Stonehenge and Hadrian's Wall, and some other British landmarks they've learned about in history.
I loved listening to their conversation, "how did they get those stones up anyway?"
Today Lilly floated around in a little, green inner tube that someone left on the sand.
She is far too big for it, but was happy as a clam, as she floated along, booty dragging on the sandy bottom.
Today Davy romped around with all the big kids, and loved his life.
Today they spent hours in the water on surf boards and boogie boards, talking and laughing, and hanging out in the water with all their buddies.
Today they swam to the wall, jumped off the dock, and braved the swarm of boats being piloted by novice sailors.
Today, they lived a beautiful day.

Sure there were moments that weren't so perfect.
Sand in the face and sun screen in the eyes.
Toddler fights over sand toys, and water bottles.
2 pooping trips to the public restroom, where I wanted to barf rather than stand there waiting for them to finish, and have to tell my 2 year old not to touch anything 5,000 times.
I really, really, really hate public restrooms.
There is no such thing as constant bliss--at least not on this earth.
This quote really fits those kind of moments, don't you think?

As the sun sank lower and the beach grew emptier, my heart was full from our time there together with friends, and with each other.
Time in the sun, in the water, and enjoying God's glorious creation.
It blesses us so deeply.
After the tedious job of loading everyone in the car, we pull away from the curb, and I say the same thing every time, "I had such a great day with you guys!  I love being at the beach with you.  I love you all so much."
And it's so true.
Even if there is chaos when we get home.
At 9 pm I am still wearing my damp bathing suit and cleaning up the kitchen from our slap-dash dinner.
I am tired.
But it was worth it.
The good things always are.
I love summer time.

Hope your summer days are treating you right.--little stupid things and all.
Love from,


Anonymous said...

You live in such a beautiful place. How wonderful that your kids get to grow up there, and with a mom who takes them exploring so often :)

Lillian Simon Wujek said...

I love you!

BabyJack said...

I stumbled on your blog, oh, years ago.. But I never comment because I never seem to be in the mood to type by the time I have a moment to read blogs. No more excuses. I simply love your blog. Your writing style, your approach to parenting and life in general, your home decor.. So often I read a post and think, "now, how did she read my mind??" This post was one of those. Thanks for reminding me of what's important, and for sharing your heart and your family with the rest of us. I, as always, look forward to your next post!


hennymats said...

Oh yes! We don't have a beach around, but yesterday we ended up suddenly having our old & new neighbors plus kids over, making it a total of seven kids running around our backyard, playing ball, having fun. We fed them an impromptu dinner off the grill and later roasted marshmallows over an open fire before pulling out the guitars. My house was a mess, my kitchen barely visible under plates and cups and ice cream, but we had a great time. So here's to summer afternoons & evenings - it was past sunset (and the sun around here sets at 10:30 these days) when the kids went to bed and way past midnight when we did. And you are so right, the stupid little things and chaos don't really matter because it is all so worth it.

pocket rocket said...

You're a great writer! This is really sweet :)