Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Remembering This Moment: A Golden Afternoon at Balboa Park

I take pictures.
Of everything.
All day long.
And when I get the chance, I write about the things going on in those pictures.
With these pictures and words, I strive to capture the myriad of moments that make up my life.
I want to remember them--from the grandiose to the mundane.

This week I have been reminded afresh of the fragility of this life.
These moments we have together truly are treasures.
No, not all of them.
I don't subscribe to the idea that I should, or even can, treasure every moment.
Some of them I really won't miss.
But there are plenty that I will.
And so I snap away, I write things down in my head, and then here on this blog.
This little life of mine matters.
And so does yours.
Do your best to treasure the moments you are making with the ones you love.
This poem, one of my favorites, expresses it so much more eloquently than prose ever could.

The Coin
by Sara Teasdale
Into my heart's treasury
I slipped a coin
That time cannot take
Nor a thief purloin,--
Oh, better than the minting
Of a gold-crowned king
Is the safe-kept memory
Of a lovely thing
Last week the kids and I drove to San Diego for the day.
We spent time visiting with my Dad's family, and seeing some of the spots from his childhood.
We had a wonderful time.
Before the long drive home, I decided to stop at Balboa Park and let the kids run around.
Nothing would be open--it was near 6 o clock--but none of us cared about that.
We're happy just exploring together, and drinking in beautiful things.
Entering Balboa Park on the Laurel Street Bridge is a nice way to begin.
We started at the Organ Pavillion.
I don't know.
I might be taking a few too many pictures.
The kids posed like this themselves and said, "hey Mom, take a picture of me."
Next up, a big, mosaic snake to climb on.
Oh how my kids do love to climb.
The Museum of Man was already closed, but that didn't stop us from enjoying the architecture.
"These buildings are so fancy!" Lilly said.
William took the camera for a while and took lots of blurry shots as we walked down the arched hallways.
When I was little, one of my favorite parts of Balboa Park was the Spanish Village Art Center.
I loved all the bright colors.
It felt like I had traveled to a far away land.
I still feel all those things.
I love this spot.
The sun began to set and its golden light enveloped us.
I looked at each one of them in turn, and my heart and eyes filled.
I thought how lucky I was to be spending these moments with my children.
They are happy just to walk around with their mommy: no agenda, no treats, no exciting events planned--just the simple joy of being together and seeing new things.
I told them, with tears in my eyes, that one day they would be all grown up, with families of their own, and we wouldn't have times like this anymore--just the 5 of us.
I said, "I love you so.  You are my favorites. And I love more than anything to be with you."
I knew that moment was a gift.
A golden afternoon indeed.
I'm doing my best to remember the magic of these simple, beautiful days.
Love from,
*There is more to Balboa Park than the Zoo! 
I added the links to the places we enjoyed at Balboa Park.  
There are so many more things to see and do there.  
Other things my kids have enjoyed are the Model Railway Museum, the Miniature Railroad, and the carousel (be sure to try for the brass ring!).
They are very much looking forward to going back and exploring some more museums, like the Natural History Museum, and the Air and Space Museum.
They've asked me several times now when we're going back to Balboa Park to explore more, so I know our short visit was a success.
Soon, kids, I promise!


Betsi* said...

We looove Balboa Park! And don't forget to take advantage of free Tuesdays! The museums rotate free admission each Tuesday!

Katie @ minivan diva said...

Kevin and I love taking the boys there. I feel like we discover something new every time we visit.

jessie said...

i love this post so much! love how normal it looks and at the same time so golden, like you said. thanks for sharing!