Friday, September 14, 2012

Camping Part II: Hitting the Beach

September,  I don't like you.
And right now, my feelings for you are actually a lot stronger than dislike.
They're verging on the h word.
It was 106 at my house today.
What the heck, September?
What the heck?
I'll be the first to say I love summer time and warm temperatures.
I love long days at the beach--days when you stay till dark because it's so beautiful that you don't want to go home.
I love flip flops, sundresses and never having to put on a sweater.
I love leaving the windows open all day and all night.
But even for this summer loving girl there comes a time when you just need to stop it.
Lay off the 100 degree temps, September!
While you're at it, lay off the 90 degree temps too!
I'm done.
I'll take 80 degrees for a couple of months, and then you can drop it down to 70, and then a few days here and there in the 60s for our wintertime temps.
But enough with the heat wave.
August is done, and you don't have to prove you're better than her.
In fact, everyone will like you better than her if you just took it down a notch.
And if not, well, people are going to start liking January better than you.
And that's saying something.
Really hot weather makes me cranky.
It makes me mean.
It makes me irritable.
It makes me impatient.
It makes me, well, you know.
My poor, poor children.
I am sure I told every child not to touch me at least 5 times today.
Nice, huh?
Obviously I am not meant for life in Arizona, or the South, or the tropics, or Southern California right now.
I need to get away.
Like we did a couple of weeks ago.
It was really hot then, too.
But it didn't matter because we were staying at the beach.
It was 85 on the beach and it was perfect.
Especially since it was this beach.
I've never had such great weather on a beach camping trip.
We hit the jack pot.
As soon as we set up camp on Friday morning, we headed to the beach.
The water was so warm that we just dove right in.
This is the Pacific ocean we're talking about.
Warm is not usually the way I'd describe it.
But warm it was.
And we played in it for hours.

And the next day we played in it for hours.
And the next.
What a blast.
I wish I was there right now.                     
Just scoping out the surf with all my little blondies.
The kids had so much fun playing with their cousins.
Days and days of sunny beach time with some of their favorite people=paradise.
They never ran out of things to do.

Early in the day, the water was so calm, that getting out on the board was no problem.
It was James' first time surfing on the ocean instead of the bay.
But it felt almost the same because the surf was so mellow.
There were still some falls.
But that's easy to do on a board with no wax--it's slippery.
James has pretty great balance on a board with no wax.
I even took the board out.
I didn't really surf--just paddled.
But it was a first for me.
And so much fun.
The first time I went out, I was all alone on the water.
I was enjoying myself, paddling farther out, until that thought came into my head.
"What if there's a shark?"
Since I was the only body out there, he would go for me, of course.
That made me kind of freak out.
I'm a strong swimmer, and a beach and ocean lover, but I am not at all a lover of swimming in deep water, with all the creatures that live in it that might eat me.
Still, I went out again, and I was less freaked, and had even more fun.
I think this might be the year I learn to surf.
It's time.
But I'm scared.
But I'm going to do it.
But I'm scared.
On the second day, Aaron helped the kids build this awesome beach hut.
 Check out those seaweed ties.
 The man has talent.
Unfortunately, while building said hut, Aaron was stabbed in the leg by a palm frond.
Mark came running back to camp, where I was working out (yeah, that's right!) while Davy napped.
"Aaron cut his leg pretty bad.  He might have to get stitches."
Apparently he got stabbed in just the right spot, and blood was actually shooting out of his leg, like in a movie.
I couldn't believe how much blood there was.
But he got it to stop, bandaged it up, and was fine.
He stayed out of the water for the rest of the day.
And he looked good doing it.
With such nice weather, and the beach such a short walk from our camp site, there was time to do some of our favorite beach activities:

I read almost a whole magazine over the course of 3 days!
I indulged in long walks and even a couple of trail runs!
Aaron and I both napped on the sand!
William found treasures on the beach.
We tide pooled.
We hiked.
The kids boogie boarded and body surfed in the waves.
Even William--it was his first time to try it.
And when the surf picked up, and there was a big shore break, and he got knocked down by a big wave once, and then again while in Aaron's arms, he still went back out there.
After some angry tears, of course.
They dug holes and made castles.
We saw dolphins and seals.
And the sun never stopped shining.
Until the last day.
That day was grey and windy and cold.
Everyone was tired.
And cranky.
We still went to the beach, though.
None of us braved the water.
We just watched the waves and dreamt of our next trip.
Refugio, we love you.
And we'll be back.
For those of you stuck in this dreadful September heat wave, stay cool.
For those of you already enjoying cooler temps, and baking pumpkin flavored goodies, just keep it to yourself.
Love from,


Betsi* said...

Ha! That last line. You funny dear girl. Glad you had fun. Sorry Aaron got stabbed. Tell him to make it into an epic tale of rescuing you from a shark attack. ;)

Anonymous said...

This is great! We LOVE Refugio. Such a perfect camp spot.


Katie @ minivan diva said...

I so relate to you and the heat. 80 is too much for me! Love that you guys had such a fun trip.