Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A 4th Birthday Party for Lilly

Lilly turned 4 on June 30th.
Our family has a seemingly endless string of celebrating from April 23rd (James' birthday) until Lilly's birthday.
There are 5 birthdays in there, Mother's and Father's day, and our anniversary.
And that's just within our immediate family!
It can get kind of exhausting.
I pushed Lilly's birthday party back a bit into the first week of July, but I was still feeling kind of celebrated out.
I had also been sick with a terrible flu that took me down for 4 days, and we'd been leading our normal busy life.
And so, as much as I am ashamed to admit it, I threw her party together at the very last minute.
As in, the night before.
But it still turned out great.
She had a wonderful time with all her girlfriends.
And I had a wonderful time celebrating my little girl.

I can't believe she is 4!
I remember every detail of the day she was born, but the ins and outs of the days filling the past 4 years are a bit of a blur.
All I know is that it is going by much too quickly and that I want to savor every minute of days like this, parties full of dress up clothes, lots of pink, and giggly little girls.
I want to enjoy my getting bigger, little girl.
Here are some of my favorite memories from the party:
It was a paper doll party!
How cute are these paper dolls?
In addition to the ready made paper dolls, the girls gathered around the table to make their own dolls.
It was some of the things Lilly loves best: art, glue, pretty stickers, flowers, and sequins.
She's just like her daddy and her big brothers--an artist already!
She always puts long eyelashes on the girls she draws.
It's her trademark.
I'm pretty smitten by it.
We put her dress up trunk out for all her friends to use.
Most of the girls were walking around in big, puffy dresses.
It was so much fun.
We also painted every one's nails.
Lilly got nail polish for her birthday this year and she was so excited to share it with her friends.
And there was lots of pink!
Even pink, polka dot straws.
I loved watching her open all her girly presents.  (see all the dresses in the background?)

This is one of my most favorite pictures.
All that pink, the tulle, the pink crown her cousins gave her, and just the sweet, little girlishness of it all.
I wish I could wrap this moment up and keep her here for a long while.
My favorite moment of the day was when we sang Happy Birthday.
Lilly's bestest cousin, Lizzy is exactly a week younger than Lilly.
Lilly's party was on Lizzy's actual birthday.
So Lilly wanted Lizzy to blow out her candle with her.
Seeing these 2 together makes me so happy.
They love each other a LOT!
People always ask them if they are twins, and they love that.
Lilly might not have a sister, but she has Lizzy, and that's almost as good.
I am so grateful for these 2 fun, crazy, silly, and sweet, little girls.
They got a little embarrassed.
They told secrets.
And they blew out the candle together.
Happiest of birthdays to Lilly and Lizzy!
You are so loved.
Love from,

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meg + andy said...

this is just too sweet. and how do you handle those dimples?! what a cutie pie.