Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Because Life is too Short to be Practical--Happy Birthday Dear Husband!

I have heaps and heaps of things to blog about.
William's birthday letter--nearly a month late.
Davy's birthday letter--it was yesterday.
The boy's camping birthday party--last Saturday.
Baseball season coming to an end.
And about a hundred other little and big things that have made up our life in the past months.
But before I write about any of those, I want to write about my husband.
It was his birthday this weekend.
And as we celebrated him, I was reminded afresh why I love him so very much.

Of the many things I love about Aaron, I love that he is not afraid to be himself.
He is not afraid to really love the things that make him happy--even when other people don't quite get it--or even think it's kind of crazy.
But Aaron goes ahead and paints the front door turquoise.
Because he loves turquoise.
He puts in a lot of time building a playhouse for the kids rather than buy a ready made one from Costco, because he knows he can design one that looks just the way he wants.
It turned out beautiful.
He paints pictures of Converse sneakers and vintage trailers not because it's fine art, but because he thinks those things are cool.
And after years of looking, he finally bought the car he loved.
With turquoise interior, of course.
But sometimes you just have to say, "life is too short to be practical."
Life is too short not to wear bow ties if you love them.

I wanted to have a proper birthday party for Aaron this year.
Last year I was in labor on his birthday.
And we had 2 kids with strep throat, and 1 who was facing hospitalization if he didn't take steroids to relieve his severe sleep apnea.
Aaron didn't get much of a celebration.
Most of his birthdays in fact, he doesn't really want me to do much of anything.
But this year inspiration struck, and rather last minute I planned a party for him.
A diorama party.
That's right.
A bunch of guys building dioramas.
Traditional birthday party for a man turning 38?
He loved the idea.
And I love that about him.

The party was great fun.
The dioramas were absolutely amazing.
You can see all of them over on Picnics at the Park.
This was Aaron's.
No surprise, right?

That man of mine.
He is infinitely creative.
He is interesting.
He is inspiring.
He makes my life so much fun.

Happiest of birthdays to you, my Aaron.
I look forward to seeing all the new ways you'll embrace impracticality and make it work wonderfully, as only you can.
I'm thinking about the diamonds you'll be painting on the house, and the trip to Arizona to buy a trailer.
Life with you is always an adventure!
I love you.
Love from,


simply brookes: said...

i love this post to no end, greta. so endearing as a wife should be to her husband.
you two have a good thing and you know it. you are giving your kids such a gift of love in your home in so many ways. great post.

ginanorma said...

You are a wonderful writer!!! I love your outlook and your heart!

I left you a comment on your B.R post--I write for BR too, it's nice to meet you!

Jerusalem Greer said...

oh I love this post and i love the little trailer so much!