Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Easter With the Fam--Part Deux

Easter part 2--more family pictures.
After church with my fam, we head across town to have Easter dinner and spend the afternoon with Aaron's family.
The kids get to do an Easter egg hunt there too.
Just look at these cousins--they are so cute.
My kids are incredibly blessed to have so many cousins for their friends.
It's hard to imagine this crew not being together.
I hope they will be for a long time to come.

These two, the twins, born a week apart, they love each other madly, sometimes fight madly, and are double trouble.  
Lizzy is the sister Lilly doesn't have.
I'm so glad she has her Lizzy.

They're ready for the hunt now and for us to stop taking pictures of them.

An Easter egg hunt among the tikis.
My father-in-law carves them.
Artists run in the family.

Next year Davy will be running around with the big kids, but for this year, he stayed in Daddy's arms.

I love this baby so much it hurts.

Posting this, I just remembered that the kids were doing egg hunts today, yes a week later, in the backyard today.
I may have forgotten to tell them to make sure all the eggs were found and put back in the fridge.
There may be some happy possums and raccoons tonight.
Or sick ones--how long does it take a hard boiled egg to go bad?

So that's it.
Another Easter come and gone.
So much the same as the last one.
There's something comforting about that, isn't there?
Love from,


Betsi* said...

We have "twin" cousins too. What is it about that specific relationship? The intense love and fearsome fighting. It's so nice that your kids get to spend the day with both sets of family. What a blessing!
Also, I promise I won't, but I kinda want to steal Davy. ;)

hennymats said...

Those girls are precious and Davy, oh my. You really need to stop posting such cute baby pics, will you? You're making it hard to be done with it, you know...