Monday, March 5, 2012

The Weekend Part 1: Friday Night Lights

What a wonderful weekend we had.
It was packed full of so much good stuff, that I'm dividing it up into 3 posts.
We started on Friday night with a back yard camp fire.
Aaron turned on the lights.

 And then he built a campfire in our "fire ring".

I am so thankful Aaron fixed up this little area on the driveway for us.
(it's a good story.  read it here.  and you'll see how we upgraded from some bricks right on the driveway to our current fire ring. it's much better.)
There is just something special about sitting around the fire.
I like how the kids call it the "campfire".
I like how we gather around it, with blankets if it's chilly.

We roast marshmallows, and make s'mores with Nutella.
William sneaks a cople extra marshmallows.
It's too many.
He gets all hopped up on sugar and starts swinging on the swing like a maniac.
Lilly eats too many also, and she's riding her bike around the driveway singing loudly, and making me a nervous wreck that she is going to loose control and crash into the fire.
Those 2 are clones.
Only James sits quietly because, as he says, "I'm not much of a marshmallow eater."

It smells like camping.
And the fire feels warm on my toes.
William comes over and climbs on my lap.
"I'm cold," he says.

Then Lilly comes over, helps herself to Aaron's lap.
And the best part of the campfire begins.
Story time.

Aaron tells them thier bedtime story.
He's picking up where he left off.
It's an adventure story.
Of Indiana Jones and his daughter, Lilly Jones.
It's of King Oden of Transuldonia, and King Ludwig of Austria.
They're at the South Pole right now.
There are adventures galore: an underground volcano, meeting up with Yosemite Sam, an avalanche, and an ancient Greek city, buried under the snow and ice of the South Pole.

Aaron tells the best stories.
James listens with rapt attention.
He loves the stories so much his eyes are shining.
"What happens next?" he asks so often that it gets annoying.
Lilly and William listen too.
We're all together, loving our humble fire ring and backyard.
Stories are even better around the campfire.

Friday night lights are such a good thing.
Hope your weekend was fabulous too!
Love from,


Betsi* said...

I adore your family. You and Aaron are building such an amazing lag act for your little people! I want to hear Aaron's stories too! ;)

hennymats said...

So when is he publishing his first book?

My boys want a fire ring, too, but I'm a little nervous. We'll see. It's too cold now anyway...

And I looooove that first picture, you're being quite a photographer lately! So creative.

Ca't wait to hear about the rest of your weekend.