Thursday, January 26, 2012

California Christmas

We have had just about perfect weather this month.
I think it rained 2 days, maybe 3.
Just enough to make soup, get cozy inside and then be done with it before cabin fever sets in.
I really like 80 degree beach days in January.
In fact, if every January was like this, it might become my favorite month.
The only downside I can see is that I am not getting much use out of those Hunters.
Oh well, there's always February.
It might get cold and wet then.

The weather was pretty amazing during Christmas as well.
The sun was shining and it was over 70 out the day after Christmas, so the kids wanted to go in Nana and Papa's jacuzzi.

They tried doing the polar bear plunge in the pool, but it was just too cold.

So it was back to the jacuzzi they went.
Where lots of splashing and laughing were done.

After 13 + hours of sleep, this little girl was much more fun to be around.

She is amazing in the water.
Her swim teacher told me she'll probably be a better swimmer than her brothers because of her endurance and drive.
She is ultra competitive and won't accept that there is something she can't do.

She was psyching herself up to swim across the jacuzzi under water
I heard her saying to herself, "I can do this!  I'm not afraid!  I have power!"
And then she did it.

They swam for most of the afternoon.
They got out for snacks.

And to do silly poses for Auntie Greta, the lady who always has a camera in her hands.

I love these kids.
I love time with the cousins.
I love Nana and Papa's jacuzzi in winter.
I love California Christmases.
Love from,

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hennymats said...

That is so not fair you know! A warm winter over here meant it was just above freezing. With lots and lots of rain. And storms. Just lovely.

Oh well. We'll appreciate Spring when it comes! And I do like snow - maybe next year :)