Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Flying Solo

We dropped our favorite guy off at the airport yesterday morning.
He's headed to a press check in the middle of some corn fields in Illinois.
He says he likes the Midwest.
But it was -10 when he was there last January, so you won't be seeing me there anytime soon.
50 degrees is near freezing to me.
William started bawling as soon as Aaron got out of the car.
He then wailed almost the whole way home.
He said the only thing that would make him feel better was for Daddy to come back home.
James said it was the worst day of his life.
We went to Target because we were out of baby wipes and those are pretty essential to my world right now.
While we were there, William still sniffing and James with shoulders sagging, Davy started to scream.
He never screams.
I picked him up.
And then we were both covered in poop.
Are there eggs in tarter sauce?
Cause eggs make him scream.
And have blowouts.
I had tarter sauce with my fish and chips the night before.
Never even thought about eggs.
How often do I have tarter sauce?  Once a year?
I was beginning to think it was the worst day of my life too.
Not really.
But it was definitely not my favorite.
So I walked through Target holding my poopy baby in my poopy shirt and bought some wipes.
And stuff.
Cause who ever goes to Target and gets one thing?
No one in all of creation, that's who.
We got home and the whole house was in disarray--even though I cleaned it the night before.
How does this happen?
And will it ever stop?
Everyone was still grouchy and sad and I was still covered in poop.
But we got through it.
And our friends came over and we made waxed leaves and they were beautiful.
The boys went to cub scouts after dinner.
Lilly and I watched Mary Poppins and Davy slept.
The big kids all got to bed late--9.
I always have grand plans to get lots done while Aaron is away--repaint all the trim, anyone?--but nothing happened that night.
I laid on the couch and watched netflix.
I resisted the urge to eat a bag of frozen french fries for dinner.
Have you tried the Trader Joe's Garlic Fries?  
I went to bed before 11--leaving the house a wreck.
I was so tired I slept and was only awakened 3 times in the night.
By children, not scary noises.
That's good, because I usually don't sleep well when Aaron's gone.
This morning I woke with a scratchy voice and throat.
I felt like poop.
The same poop that was on my shirt yesterday.
But I went on our Tuesday hike anyway.
It was a great one.
A real butt kicker.
The kind that makes me feel so proud of myself and my kids.
And the beauty of the place was so refreshing to my spirit.
I needed it in every way.
We all did.
It was a great day.
For all of us.
William asked if we could have In and Out for dinner.
I said, "heck yeah!"
They were so tired and hungry that all 3 of them ate an entire hamburger with fries without saying a word.
They just sat there and ate.
It was awesome.
I've been praying for good bedtimes.
By bedtime I am fried.
Last night they went to sleep without a peep.
Tonight too.
God is good.
Together, we can do this.
I know it's only 10 days.
But 10 days flying solo is a long time to this girl.
And, would you look at that?
It's 12:01.
He'll be home in 8 days.
And I've got to get my booty to bed or I'll be a beast tomorrow.
Oh, and I gotta say, the last 2 times he was gone I was pregnant.
It was way harder when I was pregnant.
There is almost always a bright side.
PS.  Doesn't my man travel in style?
A tie and a vintage suitcase.
I love him.

Sorry for the stream of consciousness post tonight.
I think I'm kind of tired.
Go visit Picnics in the Park this week for lots of great Thanksgiving goodies.
And come back here for the hike pictures.
I took a trillion.
Love from,


katie said...

Hang in there, Greta. Sorry about the tarter sauce. And the poop. Life as a mom can be tough. You are a trooper, though.

Aaron Eskridge said...

I miss you, and the children so much!
I can't wait to be home with you.

Missing you,

betsy said...

I recently found your blog and I find a lot of encouragement hearing the reality of your days, like mine, with four small children.

My husband works a lot of long hours and I know too well how long the days get when you are solo.

Thanks for your honest picture of life!

simply brookes: said...

from one solo pilot to another. you can do this. you'll have lots of good stories to share. promise. and it makes you realize what your marriage and family are made of.

hang tough, girl.
a girl who understands

Anonymous said...

Praying for you, dear friend! I've been there - only instead of a Target it was On the Border...

meg + andy said...

i LOVE that you posted this under the label "having fun" because seriously, having a poop explosion in target with crying children in tow is what i call "having fun" too!! ;)
anyway, you're great and i'm praying you get sleep. and i say go ahead and eat frozen french fries for dinner...or pure chocolate for that matter. do whatever it takes. ;)

hannah singer said...

bless your soul!
i pray your week was a delight and that your sweet man is home again!

love to you!