Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fall Trip: Riley's Apple Farm Part 2

To see Part 1 of our trip to Riley's Apple Farm, go here.
After our time at the cabin and lunch, (where we spotted a new bird and recited our poem for the month) we headed to one of my favorite activities of the day.
We made us some cider!

There are some boxes full of old, beat up, bruised and ugly apples.

Nothing goes to waste on a farm, so the kids are instructed to pick some apples,

and drop them in a big trough full of clean water.

They wash the apples until they are squeaky clean (yes, he's listening for the squeak).

Then those ugly apples are dropped into the press, the crank is turned and out pours thick, brown cider.
It's crowded and wet and sticky and slippery and I am always a little bit afraid that someone's hand s going to end up in the press.
But they don't.
And we end up with a bucket full of cider, made by the kids
They chill it for us and we drink it later.

After that, we were off to pan for gold.

The boys loved this activity.
There was a little history lesson about the gold rush, and gold in the area of the farm.
Then they handed out pans and the kids got to work in the creek.

William was quite sure he found a tiny gold nugget.
I didn't argue with him.
It's good to have a little magic happen in your day, right?

Through it all, Davy the Wonder Baby was perfect.
He slept in his stroller, hung out in the Ergo carrier with me and was just a champ.
Am I ever grateful for such a cheerful, easy going baby.
He makes my job easier.

There was a hay ride.

We rode around the farm and learned about the bears and deer who eat the apples.
About the original apple trees on the farm, over 150 years old.
About Wilshire Peak and Mr. Wilshire who once owned a lot of the land.
That's the same Wilshire as Wilshire Blvd.
I had to jump off half way because Davy had an explosive poop, up his back and, and on my lap.

William really embraced farm life.
Look at that dirty little face.
I do love this boy.

The last part of the day was learning about corn.
Shucking it, what a corn crib is, grinding it and more.

And our beautiful day at Riley's ended with a taste of the apples.

We drank our cider.
Some of us took home fresh made pies and hand dipped carmel apples.

I waned one shot of all my babies before we left.
It was hot.
They were tired.
And even though they liked seeing Davy in an apple basket, they were so not into taking pictures.

No matter.
There's always next year.
We'll be back.
Happy Fall!
Love from,


Shauna at The Reed Life said...

ooooo! we are planning a trip to this same place this weeeeeeekend!!!

Swenja said...

What a day! That would have lasted us several weekends ;) A great way to start Fall though!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Greta! That looks amazing!

hannah singer said...

this place looks amazing all the autumn-y goodness in the last two posts is making me swoon. love all the photos of the cute kids having fun!
that is enough, greta! i can't take it anymore.
from your blogs alone, i know:
i 1000% want to move to california. y'all have everything i love!
namely you;)