Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Cabin Life

I'm sure not everyone thinks staying in an old, 1 bedroom cabin with 4 kids sounds like much of a vacation.
I'm glad we're all different.
This is our kind of vacation.
We're pretty smitten with this cabin.
We call it "our log cabin."

Mornings are my favorite time in the cabin.
There are lots of windows and the sunlight streams in.
When it's warm, (we're having glorious weather) we open the dutch door and let the outside in.
Even though we are close to the street, it is so quiet.
We're also next to an oak and pine forest, so there are lots of birds.
They perch in the big pine tree right outside the door.
I love to hear them sing.
There's also the far off sound of the waves crashing on Moonstone beach.
The beach is down the hill from us and across Highway 1, but the song of the waves carries.
It is so very relaxing.
I love the quiet.

Aaron is very sweet and takes the kids out early most mornings.
They hike through the forest down to the bakery and get fresh croissants and our favorite loaf of olive bread.
I get a little time to myself.
To drink my coffee and maybe doze a bit on the couch with Davy.
Or read.
Or just sit and soak in the silence.

This morning the boys are at Hearst Castle.
It's the boys first time and they were so excited.
I can't wait to hear about thier adventure.
Davy is napping and Lilly and I are taking it easy.
Unfortunately she has a cough and was up a lot last night.
We're both quite tired.

Later on we'll go for a hike.
There are so many great ones to choose from it's hard to decide where to go.
But for now, the girl and I are going to have some tea, cuddle on the couch and listen to the birds.
Love from,

PS.  Aren't dutch doors the best?  
I love them.  A lot.  
I want one.
And, if you've looked around at our house over here, you know how much we love color.
But all the white in this cabin feels very soothing.
It feels perfect for a vacation.


Liv said...

On my goodness, take me with you. It sounds perfect.

crookedbetty said...

Sooo cute. No wonder you love that place... Lucky...Jen

katie said...

I would like to stay there just for the dutch door. I'm a sucker for things like that. I hope Lilly sleeps better for you tonight so you can get some rest. Enjoy your time.

JDaniel4's Mom said...

This looks like my kind of cabin!

Jennifer said...

What a wonderful place. Enjoy!

annettethebrunette said...

What is this magical place called?

Anonymous said...

I love dutch doors!!!!

(and this cabin)

Anonymous said...

Oh, I am coming with you!

Elisabeth Costa said...

We were in this area back in March for a family vacation travelling from LA up the coast to San Francisco. We stayed at Fogcatcher Inn right near there!!! LOVED that area,Cambria and toured the Hearst Castle as well. Great memories...

hannah singer said...

YES! this is how i love to get away!! cabin life is on the docket for next year;)
such a beauty y'all found.

greta, i pray your week is joyful and sweet!
love xo