Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Birthday Tea Party for Lilly

My littlest (at least for a couple weeks longer) turns 3 at the end of the month.  
Because that still seems far off, I can write this post without my eyes filling with tears at the thought of her growing so fast.  
Instead, I can tell you how we planned her birthday party just 2 weeks before she is due to become a big sister.  
I thought it would be nice to have her birthday party before all the adjustments and changes that come along with a new baby.  
It was a lovely party.  Just what I had hoped it would be for her--my little girl, my little Lillian, my sweet and spicy bundle of joy and mischief.

She has a hard time remembering she's nearly 3.  After all, she's been 2 for so long.
She isn't quite adept at 3 fingers yet.  But she still has some time to practice.

For her birthday party, she wanted lots of pink.  
There were pink, strawberry cupcakes.

And she wanted a tea party.  
So we put out tables under the tree for all her little girl friends.

Dolls and bears were invited too.

They drank pink lemonade out of Lilly's turquoise tea set and spread pretty napkins on their laps.

Everyone had a different napkin.  They felt so grown up.
Which you like to feel when you're 3.

All the girls wore their favorite party dresses.

And they all looked perfectly beautiful.

There was lots of time for playing house and babies up in the play house.

And lots of time for giggling with cousins and best friends.

Even with all those giggles, it was such a quiet party compared to the boys' parties.
Would you believe these sweet little ladies could ever get into mischief?

The funniest part of the day was when it all got too girly for Lilly and she came out of the bedroom dressed like this:

Apparently she felt she needed to bring in a little of the element she's more used to:
Swords and Storm Troopers.
She is so awesome.

I don't know if she'll remember her 3rd birthday party, but I always will.
Her life is passing before my eyes like the smoke from her birthday candles.

Before I know it there will be a 1 in front of that 3.
OK, now I am going to cry.
I better stop.

Love from,

PS.  To see party details, come on over to Picnics in the Park.  


katie said...

The photo of Lilly in the storm trooper helmet is the cutest thing I have ever seen! And that photo of her blowing out her candle is amazing! I am so glad that you all got to enjoy celebrating her special day before Baby arrives.

Vickie said...

Ok, you made me cry! My little girl was just 3 and in 1 week she is graduating from high school and moving to the big world of college on August 20th. She used to LOVE pink and now her room is black and white with red walls. I still see glimpses of that pixie faced 3 year old, but it's so hard to remember now. Enjoy every minute Greta, even the hard minutes (there are lots of them). I was just there, at least it feels like it. Your Lilly is an angel!!

Terrie said...

How sweet! I remember when my little girl was 3, she had a strawberry shortcake cake, she loved pink, I remember when she was a teenager saying that nobody past the age of 3 should wear pink, that cracked me up, now pink is her favorite color again, she will be 30 in August, time flies way too fast. Now I'm going to cry.

Jami said...

Adorable, looks like a great time!

Em said...

She is too sweet. My little princess turned 3 in April and I still get a lump in my throat thinking about the bouncing baby girl she once was! I love that blogging is a way of slowing down the moments to enjoy every single one! xx