Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Being the Big Brother

A few days after Davy was born, someone asked William, "so William, do you have a new brother?"
"Yes," replied William.
"What's his name?" they continued.
Says William nonchalantly, "I forgot." 

Yep.  That's our William.  
The king of remembering very few details and forgetting very many.
He can't be bothered with details like which drawer his jammies are in, or if the capri pants he's trying to squeeze into are really his sister's.
Or what his new baby brother's name is.
You'd think Davy didn't matter much to him at all.

But if you thought that, you'd be wrong.

I walked in on this the first day we were all home together.
"I just want to show him some books, Mommy," William explained to me.
"Can I show him more things?"
And he got out toys, puzzles and more books to show his baby brother.

The next day, when I laid Davy on the changing table, Lilly and William wanted to see him get his diaper changed.  They also wanted to show him some of his toys.

It might look like some sort of flogging is about to take place, but I promise, he is a much loved little brother.  He was in no danger.

See that sweet smile on William's face?  He absolutely loves his little brother.

All day long, he's the one who wants to sit next to us while Davy nurses and hold his tiny hands or rub his tiny feet.  "They're so soft, Mommy."

William sits patiently next to Davy whenever he's fussy and helps him hold his pacifier when Davy might try to spit it out.
He gently rocks his bouncy seat.
He takes care of him.

He told me, "I thought I wanted a baby sister for Lilly, but I think I am glad we had a boy because now I can know what it is like to have a little brother.  I think I wanted to have a little brother."

William so adores his big brother.  He relies on him.  He knows James will protect him from anyone and anything.  James is his hero.
I can't help but think that William is going to be Davy's hero one day soon.
It's a good thing to be a big brother.
Especially when you are as good at it as William is.

William, you always steal my heart.
I love you, big brother.
Love from,


Brigitte said...

This is absolutely adorable! Congratulations on your newest addition to your family.
I, too, have a newborn baby (4 weeks old) who is our 3rd boy and his brothers just POUR their love on him! It is so very precious to see and I look forward to watching their friendship and their bond as brothers develop.
Thanks for sharing these very special moments with us X

tracy said...

what a precious post! thanks for sharing.

Melanie said...

I love this: "I thought I wanted a baby sister for Lilly, but I think I am glad we had a boy because now I can know what it is like to have a little brother. I think I wanted to have a little brother." Reminds me of the quote: The key to contentment is not getting what you want but wanting what you get.

Grace said...

so sweet! love the pic of william helping with the 2!/2 yr old does that for his lil sis too! its precious to see yhe love between siblings! even when they are so new!!

Lasso the Moon said...

He sounds just like my four-year-old Ethan, also a new big brother to our two-mo-old. He couldn't remember her name, but his lips have been in a permanent "pucker" since the day she was born, smothering her with his kisses. Your family is darling. (And I burst into tears every time I see Aslan in the movies. I want to see Jesus so much!)
Thanks. Anna