Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Best Friends

Do you remember your first best friend?
Mine was a boy named Ben.
He was more than my best friend.  
I loved him.  I was certain I was going to marry him,
He had red hair and I don't remember much about the games we played together.
But I do remember he was the first boy that kissed me.
I really hope this doesn't get back to him somehow and embarrass him terribly. 
It was a long time ago.
I think we were 3.

After that, there was my neighbor Erin. 
She lived only a few houses away and I could walk to her house.
Then she moved and I was devastated.
She moved to Leucadia--about 40 minutes.  But that is a world away when you're 7.
I still have most of the letters she sent me and her address there is still imprinted on my memory.

Then there was another neighbor, Laurel.  
We were best friends for a long time.
It broke my heart when she moved.
Far away for reals this time--to Bakersfield.
One of the greatest adventures of my childhood was when Laurel and I rode the train together from Oceanside to Bakersfield.
By ourselves. 
I think I was 12 and, let me tell you, did we ever feel grown up.
Laurel had been driven down to spend a week with me and then we trained north to spend a week at her house.
My mom let us pick out treats to eat on the train.
I remember Jelly Bellys and Pringles.
We rode first class and sat with an older couple who promised to watch out for us.
We chatted with them and even exchanged addresses.
They sent us postcards.

There is something about the best friends of your childhood.
They are special in a way that no one else is.
There are memories you share with them that you will never lose.
Sometimes you are lucky enough to stay friends with someone your whole life.
Real friends--like they didn't' move far away, or even if they did, you've never lost touch.
Those friendships are something to be cherished.

James and Noah have been best friends since before they were born.
They were born 3 weeks apart and have been playing together ever since.
They love each other deeply and fiercely.
Oh yes, they often fight like brothers.
They are crazy competitive.
But that doesn't change how much they love each other.
James wants to comb his hair like Noah.
If Noah's mom suggest he wear shorts for the day, Noah will ask, 
"is James going to wear shorts?"
For James, life is sweeter when Noah is there.

They love the same things: drawing, Legos, dress up, and being Cub Scouts together.
I hope they can be best friends forever.
It's only been 7 years and they already have a life time of memories together.

Friendships, old or new, are such an incredible gift.
I have seen this to be true in my own life more in the past year than ever before.
I am deeply grateful for good, true friends.

Love from,


Erin McDonald said...

I am so glad that near or far that our friendship has lasted 31 years!!! Ahhh that makes me sound so OLD!! Oh well love you dear friend!

Tyne said...

Very cute pictures of the bestie pirates! On a completely different note, did you do the layout for your blog? I really want my margins to be like yours, and I keep fiddling with the html, but I can't figure out how to make it span the whole page.

Oh, and how very appropriate that the word verification I need to type in below is "matie"! HA!

gjbartleson said...

Very cute, Greta! Thanks for this post. Last night I was looking for some pictures of me with a certain hairstyle and I found a few pictures from Noah's first birthday party. Of course, several of them with his best buddy James. Wasn't is yesterday when they were born?