Sunday, March 20, 2011

Baseball Fever

James has played 3 baseball games now and it is safe to say he has baseball fever.
He loves it.
He's learning a lot--not just about the sport, but about handling disappointment with grace and good sportsmanship, encouraging others, being teachable, listening to and following directions and the importance of hustle.
He also really enjoys the treat bags they get at the end of each game.
And while I fully admit I am not the biggest fan of my afternoon routine getting interrupted for practices, I do love watching him learn so much and have so much fun.
The thumbs up and smiles he gives us after he gets a hit, or even the thumbs up he gives while fighting back tears he gives after he gets out, make it all worthwhile.

I'm more than a bit behind, but here are pictures of opening day and his first game.

Opening day festivities.
"Go Mariners!"

 After opening ceremonies, it was time for the first game.

Tucking his extra batting glove into his back pocket while his team took to the outfield.
Batting gloves were a must.

Talking shop with the guys.

His first at bat.  No tees.

Strike one.

Oh bliss!  
He got a hit and after sliding into first, (doesn't everyone do that?)
he made it round all the bases and slid into home.

He got a chance to play first base.

And he was ready to make the play.

But...the ball got away somehow.

Lilly and William like baseball games too.
But they like the snack bar part--not so much the game.

Mommy's big belly makes a perfect spot to relax and watch the action.
So comfy.  For some of us.

What excitement--they made it through the first game.

Jumping for joy!

Now William has decided he wants to play baseball next spring and Lilly wants to also.
But she wants a pink glove and hat.
Of course.
If this keeps up we'll be living at the ball field all spring.
I'm thinking about a sport they can all play together.
Swim team anyone?

Love from,


katie said...

We are in the same boat. Charlie loves playing and Luke and Jack like the snack bar. Love your baby belly, Greta! You look adorable. : )

Lillian said...

Love,love,love this blog. Great pictures and when I saw the picture of you with Lilly I said the same thing as your friend Katie....Greta you look adorable!!

Terrie said...

I have to agree with everyone else. You are adorable. So are the kids, :)