Monday, February 7, 2011

Get Away

I went away for the weekend.
It was so nice.  I am grateful for a husband that has always been supportive of me taking a break.
He never minds keeping the kids.  And he does a bang up job of it too.
And I bet, when #4 is old enough, he'll keep that one too.
Cause by then, this mommy is really going to need a break!

We drove up to the little town of Idyllwild on Mt. San Jacinto.
I love, love, love that mountain.
Usually I see it from the Palm Springs side, but this side, the pine tree side, is just as beautiful.
I woke early enough on Sunday to watch the sun rise over the mountain.
I went out on the deck to watch.

I like the quiet, except for birds, woodpeckers and the melting snow dripping from the roof.
And my favorite part is when the sun rises high enough to light up the whole sky and everything turns a golden color.
God's creation fills my soul with awe.

There was also food.
The colors of this fruit were so beautiful.

And all the food (not just the breakfast I made) was fabulous.  
I think my doctor is going to be upset at me on Wed because of all that good food.

Last year we did a hike.
This year we were lazier and huffed and puffed along the roads near the cabin instead.
(some of us huffing and puffing more than others.  OK. me)
But it was still beautiful.

I like the way old trucks and cars can sit in the front yard of these mountain cabins and it looks good.
At home.
A little bit of rough around the edges.
It doesn't look quite the same when you are off the mountain.

And there was snow!
Not a lot.  
Very little in fact.
But enough to look pretty and to make these treasures stand out even more.

It was refreshing to get away.  
Aaron offered to let me leave again next week.  I said, "how about next month?"
If only we could figure out a way to get our own cabin in the mountains.
Because we really need 2 houses to take care of.
Yeah.  I could hardly clean out one closet today.
Reality check.

Love from,

Oh, and I linked this post up to Life Made Lovely over at Blessed Little Nest.
If you have never been to Heather's blog, you must go take a look.
Here is the link.  Enjoy!


katie said...

Good for you! I'm so glad you got to get away. Props to Aaron. He'll totally hold down the fort with 4 when you are ready.

Betsi* said...

this looks like a dream! I know my mom, sisters and I will always cherish our girls only trip up to Big Bear a couple summers ago. And this summer it's a road trip with Jenny, Mom and I to the longest yard sale! I'm light headed just thinking about it!

(sure you can't come too? new babies travel well, right?)

Erin McDonald said...

Yeah I am so glad you had a nice time out with the girls! Oh and all that FOOD talk is making me and my dear friend Susanna here HUNGRY!!! We are having a stay at home girl time while the boys go out for two days of adventure. It is good though. A two year old and a 6 week old. SOOOO fun and sweet to hold and play with!
Well Some day I will have a baby to leave with Justin but until then I am just going to read all about your adventures!
Love you!

Pam... said...

Sounds wonderful. The food, the time, the atmosphere...lovely.