Friday, December 3, 2010

Life Right Now

I'm sure you've notice I haven't been around much.
It feels a bit like I have fallen off the edge of the blogging world.
I've hardly been reading other blogs, I missed my favorite craft fair last weekend, I have months worth of  stories to tell and pictures to go with them, my project list grows, but I don't get to any of it.

Today, for the first time in months, I spent a little time cruising blogs.
And you know what happened?
I got jealous.
I was jealous of people's crafts, their photos, the workshops they are attending, their Etsy stores, their trips to craft fairs, the homemade vanilla extract they are giving as gifts.
I was jealous of the time they had to pursue those things.

Because sometimes, especially lately, I want more time.
More time for me.
More time to do the things I want to do.

And time is one thing that is in very short supply these days.
As I mentioned here, the time I do have, I spend with my kiddos.
And so those other things, they have taken a back seat right now.
Sometimes that can really bum me out.

But then, this afternoon, we made biscuits.

And these little hands, these chubby fingers, these mess makers, reminded me that 
this is my life right now.
It isn't forever.
In fact, everyone tells me how quickly it will vanish and how much I will miss it.
This is the time of afternoons in the kitchen together.
Of being thrilled by squeezing orange juice from our own oranges and pushing out biscuits with a glass cup.
This is the time reading aloud, and learning to write and counting by 20s.
This is the time of them.

I wish I could find a way to balance it all.
There appear to be women who do it all and then some.
But I can't.
At least not right now.
I can choose to be frustrated by that.
Or I can choose to embrace it.
I can choose to be happy.

It seems to me that whatever I do in life I would be missing out on something.
If I were taking classes to become a better photographer, or spending countless hours developing my blog, finding good material and writing more, or crafting up a storm, I'd be missing out on them.

Each of us has our own calling.
And our lives have their own rhythm.
The thing that I forget sometimes is that those things change.
Right now my calling is to be a mommy and to raise my kids the best way I know how.
Right now the rhythm of my life is making biscuits and reading Peter Pan.
But it won't always be.

Sometimes I forget.
And I am thankful for little reminders.

Love from,

ps You can find out about the biscuit recipe here.


Betsi* said...

I get it. Soo get it! I feel the pull in a thousand directions to be this or do that. But you are spot on. Our children are our ministry right now. When we face the King someday, He won't ask us about our blogs or the wreaths we crafted. We will answer for how we molded their little souls during these years.
And you, friend, are doing a wonderful job. <3

Phyllis said...

You are a wise woman. That is why I am a follower. I will wait as long as it is needed for posts like this! I am happy by the thought of biscuit making in your kitchen.

katie said...

I truly love this post and reminder to cherish this time. As always, I love your pics.

mygirl said...

greta, thanks for the reminder. especially now around these busy times we need to stay focused on our little ones. thanks for posting. :)christina

DMK - "HOT PINK MOMMY" said...

First off Greta, I absolutely love your blog. Your writing is beautiful, touching and heartfelt and your children are adorable!! I share so much of your passions about nature, Charlotte Mason, So. California and big love of books. Sometimes, I almost feel like you are writing "my" blog. Hehe.

And, I have little ones. Three sons - five and three years old, and a 9 Month Old daughter...or "0" years old ( as my boys would say. )

Recently, my father passed away, and I instantly gained a "clarity" as to the IMPORTANT things and where I should be prioritizing my time 'right now.'

I guess someday I'll have a completely organized and clean house, plan ambitious house and garden projects, spend more time on my own blog, etc......... eventually. But, for now, the days are long and the years are short. So I read, color and play legos and try to replicate the happy childhood my father gave to me.

Keep writing,

The Extra Ordinary Bree said...

My blog has a very similar post on almost the same day... yours is of course written 10x better than mine. You managed to say all the things I couldn't quite wrap my head around.