Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Star Wars Birthday Party Part 2: Battling Darth Vader and the Storm Troopers

After their training with the Jedi Masters and on the obstacle course, the young jedis got a chance to practice their skills with one another.
Little did they know their greatest challenge was lurking just around the corner.
Attack!!!! How many jedis can fight Darth Vader at once?
It's a wonder he made it out of there alive. Even with his Storm Trooper's protection.

William bravely took on Darth by himself and when Vader admitted to William that he is his father and then asked him to join the dark side, William proudly said, "I will never join you on the dark side, Darth Vader!"
He loved every minute of it.
After their battle with the forces of the dark side, the jedis were tired. So they retired to the Ewok forest and tanked up with some snacks.
But their troubles were not over. Now they had to battle the Storm Troopers, Ewok style!
That meant hurling paper "rocks" at the Storm Troopers while dodging the rocks being thrown at them and the laser guns being shot at them.
It was a total blast.
Finally they took the Storm Troopers down and the galaxy was safe once more from the evil forces of the Imperial army.

Last birthday post tomorrow and then it is time to move on!
Love form,


Kristine said...

I just commented on your part 1 of this party, but looking at these pictures, I just had to say again what an incredible party! Everyone is having a blast. Unforgettable times for all the kids. Great job.

katie said...

So cool! I think we'll borrow the Ewok hut idea. It will transfer well into a tiki hut!