Friday, May 28, 2010

A Peek at my Blog Identity Card--or Whatever You Want to Call It

I just got back from Blog Sugar--well an hour ago--and I have lots to show and tell.
I saw old friends and new friends and blogging friends.
And I loved it all.

But people, I must sleep. There have been birthday parties and sickness and the making of these beautiful, beautiful business cards and it has all kept me up late into the night.
For like the last month.
So I am off to bed and I'll be back next week to talk of ships and shoes and sealing wax
and Blog Sugar and things. Like these awesome blog identity cards. Business cards? I don't know what I should call them. All I know is I love them.

Have a wonderful 3 day weekend, friends, and please remember to thank a soldier for the sacrifices he or she makes for us daily. Remember the fallen and remember those that are here with us now. They deserve our thanks.

Hoping to catch up on sleep this weekend (but it won't happen) and hoping you have fun plans too.
Love from,

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