Sunday, May 2, 2010

Biology Week Lesson 1: "I Have Fish?!"

Hi and welcome to Biology Week here at Lilly and the Brothers.
We are currently entrenched in the study of the human body. 
We do at least 2 life size drawings of the human body a week, complete with vital organs, lungs, major arteries and the like. 
I am learning more about the human body than I ever did in Biology class.
We read books about it, have watched a cartoon about it, we pour over the pictures in our various books.

It is James' passion right now, and we believe firmly in following our passions. (well, most of the time) 
He wants to be an inventor when he grows up and I think that is why he is so fascinated with the the way the body works. 
To him, it is just a giant machine with all the parts that work together.
The greatest invention of all time, I would say.

He's been interested in the body and the way it works since he was little. He was 3 when I was pregnant with Lilly and he was intrigued with how a baby was growing in me. 
 That grew into a full blown love affair with all the miracles of the human body: the nervous system, circulatory system, digestive system (of course!) and yes, even the reproductive system.

So come along for Biology Week. You are in for some laughs, friends. But you might just learn something too.

A month or so ago, James and William were in the tub washing and talking. I was in the hallway and could hear their conversation.
William was looking down and examining his man parts.
"James," he asked, "what is this sack right here?"
"Oh," said James, "that's where your fish are."
"WHAT?!" said William incredulously. "I have FISH?"

And I am quite certain he imagined it looked just like this in his body:

James went on, "Yeah, William, but they don't come out until you are a man and you get married."
"Ok," said William.

And that, was that.
In case you were wondering how James knew about the fish, allow me to explain.

One day when James was newly 3 and examining his own man parts, he asked me the same question that William asked him. 
Not quite ready to give him the full blown details, I explained that those held the things called hormones (see how little biology I really know) that would give him hair on his face and chest like Daddy some day.
"And under my arms?" he asked.
Luckily he stopped there.

A few days later, he was sitting on his bed. 
The sunlight was streaming through his window and shining on his legs.  James has always been a hairy little guy, but since it is blond, you can't really tell. 
The sunlight, however, accentuated that golden hair covering his legs.
"Look!" he cried. "My legs are getting hairy! I am becoming a man! My testicles are working!"

Tune in tomorrow to find out how James learned the truth about his fish when we had, The Talk.
It's gonna be good.

Happy Monday!
Love from,


katie said...

Love this one. So funny!

Lisa said...

Oh my...that reminds me of a walk I was on with Daniel (Pnut) in the stroller. He was about 3 1/2 and the sun was glinting off his legs. He said "Look at my fur!!". Being five now he insists that it is hair, not fur. I kinda like the fur :)