Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Magic Kingdom

We spent Superbowl Sunday at Disneyland. It was great! The last time we went was 3 years ago, so it was almost like going for the first time for James and definitely for William.
Aaron and I used to go to Disneyland a lot. In fact, that is where we went on our first date after we spent 6 weeks together in India falling in love. Oh, and doing missionary work.
Back in those days, it cost us $25 dollars to go to Disneyland. Now you can get a churro and a coke for that. Thankfully Aaron's parents gave us a day at Disneyland for our Christmas present this year. So we packed up a big bag of snacks and hit the park.
here are the highlights.

"We're goin in." (imagine that said in a very high, Michael Jackson voice. that's for all you Disney trivia freaks out there)

First stop, Autopia. The boys # 1 choice. You can barley see Lilly's head in that car with William and Aaron.

It is amazing I got any pictures on this ride--James was pretty terrible at steering. But he had fun.
Our first time on the Finding Nemo ride. Aaron and I were underwhelmed.
But the kids loved it.
Stopping at Aaron's favorite spot: the Tiki Room.
We all went on Pirates of the Caribbean. I love the Blue Bayou.
We rode the train around the park twice.
Lilly broke 2 of the rules over and over:
"Remain seated please." and "Keep small children away from the openings of the train."
William snuck a peek at Winnie the Pooh. He didn't want to get close to him. "Just see him."
And now, my 2 favorite pictures of the day.
We caught a show in front of Sleeping Beauty's castle.
Who is it, you ask?
Ursala? Malificent?
The evil stepmother from Snow White?
Oh no, it was Mary Poppins!
She, apparently, was terrifying.
Lilly liked her.
She liked the horsies too. Poor Lilly. A life time of "can you see?" jokes lie ahead of her. I should know.
We rode the monorail. I didn't know you can ride in the very front with the driver. It is fast.
James and William try their hand at feats of strength.
It is a pretty magical place.
We even saw Mickey before we left.
We left with 3 very tired kids. But we all had a blast. It doesn't matter how many times you go, it just never stops being fun.
Thanks Mom and Dad!


Lillian said...

My enchanted children in the land of enchantment. Precious pictures.

Katie said...

We had passes for two years and with our girls each time we went was like the very first time. Walt knew what he was doing. Glad you had fun.

Katie M.

Erin McDonald said...

So fun! Ok your task now! Find a second day where the lines won't be a year long and since we have the same passes pick a that we can go and let's do it! you can even hire a baby sitter and we could just go the four of us and eat at the Blue B (sorry I can't spell it!) That would be so fun! just dinner and maybe a billy hill and the hillbilly brothers show and well a ride on SPLASH MOUNTAIN!! oh wait I bet we can't go on that one! poop! SOrry must share long story... I live in the Philippines riding jeepneys all the time, walking on uneven crazy roads (if you can fall them that?) shouldn't that be not sutable for pregnant women too? ok done!

Mommy of three said...

Katie, yes he did!
Erin, so we're hitting the art museum and Disneyland. This sounds too fun! It would be great to go just the 4 of us. The ultimate betrayal--going without the kids!