Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Beach Sledding and Another Thing I Love About Home Schooling

Way back in December, before Christmas even, we met our home school group at the beach for sledding. California style.

FYI: if you ever decide to go sand sledding, the round saucers work the best. I dragged 2 sleds, 3 kids and a stroller to the beach and my sleds were complete flops. The round ones though, were a lot of fun.

Lilly didn't even bother with a sled. She just used her body.

There was also digging and some sort of crazy hip hop dance move James is showing the other kids.
You have to be careful around those home schooled kids.

Next we headed to the water. (By the way, can you believe this was December? Gotta love it!)

Exploring under the pier is fun.

William really likes exploring.

It was a fun day at the beach with our friends. A day like this is amazing just on its own, but then there are moments like this that make the day even better. These next 2 pictures express so well one of my favorite parts about home schooling.

3 girls, ages 1, 5 and 7, spending time together. This is real life. It is not a peer only environment, but a group spanning many ages and abilities.

A group where the norm is being with your family, rather than the exception.

I know it's counter culture and probably really weird to some people. Or crazy. (sometimes it's a little crazy to me too) I respect that opinion. But I love it and I am so very, very grateful for the chance to do this with my kids.
It is just how I hoped my life would be.


Anonymous said...

Beach sledding!!! That's great! You'll have to come up here to Canada to see how sledding is really done! Nothing like snowpants full of snow on a cold January afternoon.

I'm going to tell all my northern friends how Californians go sledding, eh!

Your Canadian friend...Joy

Sheila said...

LOL. That's awesome. We're not getting much of the snow sledding up here this year... no snow! Doesn't feel like winter without it.