Thursday, December 10, 2009

Some of Boyhood's Simple Pleasures

We just brought out the Lincoln logs again. They've been hiding in the garage for a while.
We like to do that occasionally. It makes the toys like new when they are reintroduced. When Aaron got these out and the boys began playing with them, James said, "I forgot how much fun these Lincoln logs are!"

I, however, am not a huge fan of the Lincoln logs. It's purely selfish. I don't like toys with lots of little pieces to scatter all over. It's the clutter. My mom says I'm fanatical about clutter. Perhaps because I lived in a 600 square foot house for 8 years? She's right, I am fanatical.
Legos? Don't even get me started.

But the boys love them. Little pieces are incredibly appealing to kids. As are these simple, old school action figures. So fun to set them up in the dirt, to build them a fort and get everything really, really dirty.

Oh yes, that dirt. Another thing I am not a fan of. But playing in the dirt is one of their greatest joys. So I let them enjoy it, along with the Lincoln logs, the Legos, and the Playmobil toys. Because they are only little boys for such a little while.

And walls can always be wiped down. And floors swept. And dirty clothes washed. The little pieces put away. And.....
I'll try not to complain too much.
Because even though I am fanatical, I am trying to let my boys be boys and revel in the simple pleasures of boyhood.


Dorinda said...

I think that is a good thing to know as a mom of little boys. Boys will always be boys, no matter how much we may try to "civilize" them. And a happy family is more important than a spotless house.

Lillian said...

Greta dear, I confess as a pot, to calling the kettle black. I bow to you. Taking the lincoln logs outside,"May it never be".

Shannon said...

"Because they are only little boys for such a little while."

Haha... is this true? I'll argue, only for some.

Mommy of three said...

True, true, Shannon. My Dad is still a little boy. And my husband's office and studio are full of his toys.
But I imagine my boys won't be playing in the dirt with their lincoln logs in 10 years. They'll just be doing other little boy things! That I'd probably rather not know about.