Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Waking Up William

William loves naps. He asks to take a nap. He says things like, "I want you to lay down with me, Mommy" or, "I'll eat this cookie after I go to sleep because I really want to go to sleep right now."
How can I argue with that?
Besides, a William that has napped is so much better than a William that hasn't napped that it is almost as if they are two different Williams. I love when William naps.

The problem is that when William naps, William likes to stay awake late at night. That is tiresome. Because a William awake at 10 PM, even a happy William, is just too much William for one day.
So I have to wake him up from his naps.

It isn't easy.
I tickle his dirty, little feet. I rub his back. I promise him chocolate. I say we'll play cars, or build train tracks.

He is just still so tired.

And grouchy.

He gives me this smile and says something like, "Mommy, I want french fries."
Oh that William.


Erin McDonald said...

at least he is willing to admit that he needs a nap nothing worse than a kid in denial! I love that boy too!

Lillian said...

He does love to enertain you in the evenings......I know, and he can be so funny. You may have a nightowl on your hands, like his uncle Ben.

Naomi said...

I just love this post - it is one of my favorites! Partly because William is so cute! The other is because the way you write about William and his naps is completely adorable!! Thanks for sharing your gift :)