Monday, October 5, 2009

The Sixth Day: Cayoucous

Planning our day. (I am beginning to think I have an obsession with breakfast photos.)

We headed to Cayucos.

Our first stop was the pier. The last time we were here we saw an otter. The boys were determined to see one again. Lilly was determined to do whatever the boys were doing.

Lilly and Daddy.
Otters like to tie themselves up in kelp. But there weren't any here.
Or down here.
Or down here.
Even though we never saw an otter, the pier was still great. The views to the south are of Morro Rock and to the north a protected cove, where, I am sure, lots of otters hang out.

But, we needed food, so we headed inland. And we found this!

The best fish taco ever. To read more about it, go here.
The boys loved the statues on Ocean Ave, Cayuco's main drag.

After our lunch and visit with the pirates. pelicans and sailors we headed to the beach and to climb Little Skull Rock.

Downtown Cayucos is a gem. Please read more about it please go here.

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