Friday, October 30, 2009

Pa' s Pumpkin Patch--Another Tradition

Ahh, Pa's Pumpkin Patch. It is another autumn tradition. Although, to be honest, it really has nothing to do with autumn, pumpkins, or even Halloween. It has to do with the rides. And I'm cool with that--as long as they stop and let me take a few photos on the way to the rides.

Above and below.

Once Lilly saw the carousel, it was all over. She screamed in delight and desire and pure, ecstatic joy. Then she ran to it and would not move.

Until the sun was setting and Daddy finally arrived to take a ride with her.

She loved it.

The boys chose another form of transportation.
Enjoy it boys, cause these are the only kind of motorcycles you'll ever be riding. Yes, I'm that kind of mom.
Ever since the pumpkin patch opened a month ago, the boys have been planning the 3 rides they would go on when we visited the patch. James number one choice was the bumper boats. William never even mentioned the bumper boats, he wanted to ride a pony.

But when he saw them, he decided the bumper boats were for him. We weren't sure if he was big enough, but he was!

But in a strange twist of fate, we learned James was too big for the boats. Oh, that caused some sadness. When does that ever happen? Little brother gets to go but big brother gets left out because he's too big?

William had fun. I think he would have more fun with James though.

James rode the train, a not very close second to the bumper boats. Then the boys hit the slide, for one last thrill.
It's tall.
And fast.
It is so tall and fast that William decided to go on his tummy and the moment he came to a stop he cried. "It was too fast, Mommy. I was supa-dupa scared."

And that was the end of Pa's Pumpkin Patch this year.

We did hit the frenchfry shop (AKA In N Out) for dinner on the way home and that made everyone feel much better. There isn't much that an In N Out burger and some fries can't fix.

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Barbara said...

love the pictures and greta you have beautiful children.