Monday, October 26, 2009

At the Pumpkin Patch with my Pumpkin

While Dziadzi and the Brothers were off riding the rails, Granny and I took Lilly to the pumpkin patch. She loved it.
"Bumpkis!" she calls out whenever she sees a pumpkin.

Gotta climb it. "It's what my brothers would want me to do."

"Look. It's just my size."

"I love it."

"I really love it."

Sitting for 3 seconds with my Granny.

Another one.

I want them all.

And don't even think of putting me in a wheelbarrow.
I will walk by my self, thank you very much.

The weather didn't feel fallish, but the scenery did. I love the pumpkin patch. All that orange.
Except for the wheelbarrow, Lilly liked it too.


Rainbow Gardens said...

There is just something about kids and pumpkins that makes every picture fabulous, I love your blogs Greta!

Erin McDonald said...

Hey I love that she can fit into that top I got her! Yippy! and I am so glad you girls got to have a fun time out at the pumkin patch! Love you! I missed you while you were on vacation!