Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Another Visit from the Ice Cream Man

And the mess that followed....

We were swimming with the cousins and we heard the ice cream man.
"Can they have an ice cream?" Nana asked.
It's summertime--of course they can!

First to decide,
William chooses Nana's favorite: Sponge Bob!
Look at them all, enjoying those ice creams in an almost coma like state.
Even the baby girls were in on it.
Little Lizzy got a Big Stick.
She shared with Lilly.
"I'll take that."
Just getting started on Sponge Bob.
Halfway done with Sponge Bob and take a look at those hands. Oh my.
And look at these hands. Oh and, mouth.
I promise I try to teach them proper eating etiquette.
But all bets are off with ice cream. Good thing we could just take a dip in the pool to clean off.
Summer+ Ice cream man+Pool=
Big Mess and Good Fun.

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Lillian said...

Lilly, the girl knows what she wants.