Friday, August 7, 2009

VBS--Son Rock Kids Camp

We are carrying on a family tradition this summer. James attended VBS at our church. For as long as I can remember, my brother and I attended VBS. Usually we attended several, hopping from church to church from June to August. I loved going to VBS. I liked the songs, the stories, craft time, games, being with my friends and especially, my teachers. After I was too old to be a student, I became a VBS helper, then teacher.
James is no different. Last year he was finally old enough to go (4) and it made such and impression that he was eagerly counting the days to this year's VBS. Once again, he loved every second of it. His only complaint was that tomorrow wasn't coming fast enough for him to be back at Son Rock Kid's Camp. He participated happily in every event. He even designed his own hat for crazy hat day. And he wore it with pride the whole day.
During songs, his whole face would light up as he sang along to the music, dancing and doing the motions. He taught William and Lilly the songs and motions too. We listened to the cd every time we got into the car. We're still listening to it.
But his favorite part of Son Rock Kid's Camp were the people. He loved Cracker Jack, and Apple Jack, and Jumping Jack and Low Jack, and Slap Jack. And all the other Jacks there were that I can't remember, but he does. And he'll tell you about each one, too. He loved the skits they were in and the stories they told. I don't think a day goes by that he doesn't mention some nugget of wisdom he learned at VBS. Or that he doesn't say, "remember when we all said, "hit it Low Jack!" That was so funny!" He shares lots of these memories with us.

You see, to James the volunteers who work so tirelessly to make VBS a reality are not just the people who make up our church. They are his heroes. They are the ones who are helping him to have a heart that is soft for Jesus, for missionaries and for God's word. They are the ones who are showing him that it is a wonderful thing to love his Lord.

It is just one week of his summer, but the lessons he learns at VBS will stick with him for the rest of his life. I offer a very big thank you to each one of the many volunteers and staff who make VBS at Grace Seal Beach so special.

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