Sunday, August 30, 2009

Riding the Rails

It has been a week since we road the rails, even longer since I've blogged. Sorry. I was sick. And then I was exhausted from being sick. And then I was catching up on all the stuff that didn't get done cause I was sick.
But I'm back. And here's what we did last Sunday.

We rode the rails.
But first we rode the freeway to Griffith Park.
Because they have trains there. Lots of them.
And we love trains. (some of us more than others)
We started here.
This was our train.
It wasn't just the boys who were excited to ride the train.
At least she was excited until Daddy put her in the caboose.
"Why Daddy? Why?"
There was lots to see.
The train goes over a trestle bridge, through a tunnel and a dilapidated, old western town.
It's a good ride.
But that was just the first train ride of the day.
Nest stop: the Live Steamers
I don't know who was more excited about riding these trains, Aaron or the boys.
Real life miniature steam engines.
Real life engineers.
It was pretty cool.
They only run on Sundays, and even though we got there when they opened,
there was a bit of a line.
The boys were very patient. See those arms and legs poking through the fence?
The wait is worth it when this is your train.
When you get on it, you might just be in train heaven.
The tracks run through miniature villages, past miniature mining towns, over lots of bridges and through tunnels.
They loved it so much they made me take a turn.
I agree. It was one cool ride.
But we weren't done yet.
Next stop....
Where they have real rails, real railroad cars and where we had a really good time.
Isn't it amazing? The boys just loved looking at all these real trains.
It was a great place for taking pictures.
You think there are a lot of pictures on this post?
It's just the tip of the iceberg friends.
Really, could she be any more adorable?
Every where we go, the kids get lots of looks. I think it's all the blond hair.
I hear this comment every single day, "Wow! You have beautiful children."
But Lilly?
She's a real show stopper.
Everyone loves her.
Sorry boys, but your sister gets far more attention than you guys ever did.
That hair, that tan, those eyes, that dimple, and of course,
those legs.
The best part of the trains was climbing on them.
Here goes one.
And another.
And another. She won't be left behind, no sir!
They all enjoy the view.
Mommy gets a turn, too.
These trains are big. Really big.
The day wouldn't be complete
without one last train ride.
There's one at Travel Town.

It was such a great day. Going somewhere new, seeing different things and most of all being together. Sometimes it is nice to take a trip to get away from it all.
Even if you are just riding a train in a circle.

I will be posting more pics and info about the Griffith Park trains on Picnics in the Park.
Check there tomorrow.


Summers Family said...

What a great day Gretta. We will have to plan another trip in a few months and have our families go together. Thank you for your super sweet e-mails and comments on the blog. It has really meant so much to have your love and friendship. I miss you and am glad that we can at least see each others family through our blogs. And yes, your children are BEAUTIFUL and so big. It's sad how fast time flies. Hope to see you soon.


Lillian said...

I love those faces and I am so happy to go to my computer every morning and see them. I love the way Lilly's dress is always up in the back...up over her bum. It looks like a great day was had by all.