Saturday, August 8, 2009

Making a Campfire

A couple of weeks ago, the kids and I spent the night at Nana and Papa's. Nana had a great idea. She wanted to build a campfire for the boys to roast hot dogs on and marshmallows for smores. The boys have never roasted hot dogs over a fire, or had smores, so I knew they would be into it. It was a great night.
First, Papa taught them the finer points of fire building. Apparently we have built a healthy fear of fire into them because they stood back when Papa got the fire started.
Still watching from a distance. Is it safe? What would Smokey want us to do?
After they were sure it was safe to get close, they did, and enjoyed watching the flames. The smoke though, not such big fans of that.
"Is my hot dog ready yet, Papa?'
"It think it's still cold, James."
"I don't care if it's cold, Papa."
Mmmmm. It tastes good.
William said, "Papa makes everything exciting."
And then, it was time for smores.
You take this, and these and you make.....
"But I don't want the graham cracker. I only want the chocolate bar and the smarshmallows. See, I eat them this way."
James tried one bite. But it was too messy. He, too, preferred the chocolate bar and the smarshmallows ala carte.
Despite the coldish hot dogs and their disdain for the graham crackers, these boys loved the campfire. After Papa lit the fire, William came running into the house yelling, "the fire is ON! The fire is ON!"
After eating who knows how many marshmallows and pieces of chocolate bar, William asked me, "what do you do if you have a tummy ache?"
"Do you have a tummy ache?" I asked him
"No, I don't, Mommy.""
"If you do, you need to stop eating smarshmallows and chocolate bars and you drink some water."
"Well, I don't have a tummy ache Mommy, but can I have some water? But I don't have a tummy ache."

Thank you Nana and Papa for the sweet dessert. But mostly thank you for the
sweet memories.

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