Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Gang's All Here

My kids are blessed in the cousin department. Not only do they have lots of cousins, they have lots of cousins that they love. One of my favorite things in the world is watching my babies grow up with their cousins. I know they are making wonderful memories.

A few days ago, some of the cousins came over. A good time was had by all. Here are some highlights.

The baby girls. Born 1 week apart. Friends already.
I made a tent for the big kids.
They immediately named it "The Clubhouse" and played family in it for hours.
Their familial roles: Scotty-ranger, James-Daddy, Cora-Mommy, William-monkey
Because every family needs a monkey
They posted signs that said "No Grownups", but I was allowed because I brought them
cookies and popcorn.
When Lilly woke up, Cora took care of her. Boy did Lilly like being the baby!
She let Cora carry her, and get her water and cover her up with blankets and play
bed time.
She especially liked being rocked.
The boys played in the pool.
When Lizzy came back, we made some cousin sandwiches.
Thank you Lord for our family.
We love them so much.

We are blessed indeed.


mst1 said...

I love all of these pictures. They had a blast. In one of the pictures Scotts shorts are so low that he looks like he is naked. I know that undies are the backyard favorite but this is a little too much. It's the surfer low shorts look I guess. HB
Thank you Greta. I love our family too.
God is so good

Mommy of three said...

I didn't even notice Scott's shorts! But a mom would. I can crop that up if you want.
But they all just look so cute, don't you think?