Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Batman and Robin

Do you remember this picture?
It was Halloween, 2 years ago. James was 3. William 1. And they were Batman and Robin. They still wear those capes, those belts, those tights. They still like to be Batman and Robin.


This great, old car is on 2nd St, in front of Jones' bike shop. It takes 2 quarters. They can barely fit in there together. It is a short ride. But they love it.
Of course they do. It is their Batmobile, after all.
Simple pleasures. It is good to be a kid.


Susan said...

Oh my gosh, your boys are too cute! Did you make those costumes yourself??? What are you planning for this year now that Lilly needs to be a part of the theme?

Oh yes. Be sure to check my blog for this post:

I'm pretty sure you'll be interested! Love, Susan

Mommy of three said...

Yes, I made the costumes, but....James already had the Batman cape that someone else made for my little brother, and my mom has kept all these years. I used it as a template for William's Robin cape. It was pretty bad sewing, but he really liked it. The rest, tights, underoos, felt and a glue gun. I know someday they might be over Mom making them costumes, but for now, I really have fun with it.
For James' first Halloween he was a 5 month old Elvis. I made him a white jumpsuit covered in gold sequins. He had an amazing pomador, It was so great.
This year? Not sure yet. But I am already thinking about it!